Hancock County Prosecuting Attorney Race

Term – Four year Salary – $103,000.00 per annum Position Requirements – J.D. degree. Questions posed are 1)Why do you want this job and what qualifications do you you bring to this position? 2)What programs and policies would you implement as Prosecuting Attorney to reduce crime and increase public safety in the County? 3)If elected, what steps will you take to increase County departments’ reliance on your office and reduce the hiring of expensive outside legal counsel by those Departments and the Board of Education? 4)In the event that it should happen, how would you address a killing of an unarmed civilian by a law enforcement officer or any other death of a prisoner while in custody? 5)Many places in America feel that the system of law enforcement is broken. Is that a problem in Hancock County? Tell us why or why not?

James W. Davis JR.
1)I am seeking office in order to continue my fair and transparent service to the citizens of Hancock County. Over my decades of experience, I have handled hundreds of criminal cases in both State and Federal Courts. I have been recognized for my work by the First Circuit Victim’s Assistance Program and the ASPCA’s Animal Legal Defense Fund. The attacks on our citizens by drug organizations from Cleveland, Detroit, New York and other locations demand a Prosecutor who has actual experience and who has actually tried criminal cases. I am the only candidate for this office with such experience.
2)Early in my career, my office acted as lead agency to implement the highly successful and nationally recognized Hancock, Brooke, Weirton Drug Task Force to coordinate efforts with Federal, State and Local agencies. I have consistently worked with law enforcement to address problem areas. Cases involving out of State drug dealers, physical assaults, sexual assault and child abuse have always been and will continue to be priorities for my office.
3)My office always has and will continue to provide legal counsel for the County Commission and County offices. Over my decades of service, we have saved the county hundreds of thousands of dollars due to our efforts. I and my Assistants have acted as legal counsel for the Board of Education until the Board, like many Boards in the State, opted to employ private counsel.
4)I have handled numerous officer involved shootings over my time as your Prosecuting Attorney. When such an event occurs, the initial step is to contact a non-involved law enforcement agency, usually the State Police, to conduct an investigation. In some instances, I have presented the evidence to a Grand Jury to determine if criminal charges are warranted. The same process would be followed in any officer involved death.
5)Hancock County is fortunate to have dedicated and well trained police forces. I have had the pleasure over the years to work closely with hundreds of officers at every level to develop cases. We are fortunate in that our officers are closely affiliated with our communities and are active in our local schools, churches, volunteer organizations and youth groups. This interaction is crucial in keeping the lines of communication open. I am proud that Hancock County, even with the battles we fight due to our proximity to drug hot beds, is still one of the safest places to live in the entire State.