Mark Zatezalo


Two to be elected to represent District 1 which consists of Hancock County and a portion of Brooke Counties.
Two year terms. Salary – $20,000.00 per annum plus per diem for interim committee meetings
The House of Delegates consists of 100 members and together with WV Senate is responsible for passing bills on public policy, estabshing the State budget and raising and/or lowering taxes. The Legislature meets in 60-day session annually with Interim Committee meetings held each month. Special sessions may be called as needed.
Ronnie Jones, Democrat Weirton Member of House of Delegates 2010-2014
Pat McGeehan, Republican, Chester Member of the House of Delegates since 2014
Jack Woods, Democrat, Weirton, currently serving as Hancock County Assistant Prosecutor
Mark Zatezalo, Republican, Weirton, Member of the House of Delegates 2007-2014

  1. Why are you running for office at a time when public confidence in the system is at an all time low?
    A: When I ran for office the first time it was to help bring business to West Virginia and our area using our natural resources as a catalyst. Now the message is nearly the same. We need to add value to our resources whether it is natural resources. our families or our children. I can help.
  2. What is the single most imortant issue you as a delegate will face if elected?
    A: The single biggest issue is to align policy with economic opportunity. We have the resources but seem unwilling to use them to our advantage.
  3. What legislation will you sponsor?
    A. I sponsored legislation that will make it easier to have multiple companies locate in brownfield areas as long as they adhere to envirometal standards. Particularly helpful for the former Weirton Steel properthy.
    I will sponsor any legislation that will help take advantage of River transport. West Virginia is lagging in a plan and guidance for this type of transport that will become critical in the coming years.
  4. The Governor has shown a willingness to review the decisions made by the departments. We need to make a strong statement in favor of option 5A. We do not have a lot of money in the Roads for Prosperity. I intend to make the point strongly that we deserve to have more dollars to fix the problem in New Cumberland and streamline transportation while keeping the safety of citizens at the top of the list.