One to be elected to represent Distrist 1 which consists of Hancock, Brooke, Ohio and a portion of Marshall counties.
Four year term. Salary – $20,000.00 per annum plus per diem for interim committee meetings.
The Senate consists of 34 members and together with the House of Delegates is responsible for passing bills on public policy, establishing the State budget and raising and/or lowering taxes. The Legislature meets in a 60-day session annually with Interim Committee meetings typically held monthly. Special Sessions may be called as needed.

Randy Swartzmiller
1) Why are you running for office at a time when public confidence in the system is at an all-time low?
I believe people are looking for leadership; they are looking for someone they can trust, someone they can have accessibility to and speak with. The State Senate leadership, which my opponent is a member of, has been a train wreck for WV. They have created an atmosphere of divide with working men and woman by attacking their livelihood. They have created total chaos for our teachers and school service personnel and have taken away people’s property rights. Our State is at a crossroads and it needs grounded leadership- not someone who is going to create divide with our citizens and we don’t need Washington style politics in WV. I have always been able to work with people to find a solution and I believe the State Senate now, more than ever, needs leadership that the people can believe in.
2) What is the single most important issue you as a senator will face if elected?
I believe restoring trust back to the citizens is a major issue. People are fed up with politics and politicians; they are fed up with the partisan bickering back and forth. We need to have a senate that will put West Virginians First and we need to have Senators in the First District that will work together. As a State Delegate I have always worked with people, I have a proven record of working across party lines and putting people first and I will bring that experience and common sense to the State Senate.
3)What legislation will you sponsor? or If you have served previously, what legislation have you sponsored?
During my tenure as a Delegate, I have introduced, co-sponsored and supported numerous pieces of legislation. Two education bills I worked on were the PROMISE Scholarship and Creating the College Pre-paid tuition and savings program as well as enacting school policy related to prohibiting harassment, intimidation and bullying. I sponsored numerous bills for Law Enforcement, EMS & Fire, including the Survivor Benefit Act and numerous Veteran bills such as Honoring academic performance of West Virginians graduating from U.S. military academics. I also introduced legislation to remove the state tax on social security benefits on our seniors. Also, I have successfully introduced and worked on legislation that has reduced taxes on our citizens and businesses.
4) Do you think anything can be done to change the Dept. of Transportation’s decision on Route 2 Alternate in New Cumberland? If so, what action would you take to get more funding?
Yes, I do believe we can get it changed and I have no intention of giving up. I have replied back to the Governor via a letter (written Sept 5th) and have expressed my disappointment in the decision of his Highway Department in their selection of Alternative 4. I have also launched a campaign (Do it Right Build 5A) and hope as a community we can unite around this platform and send a message to Charleston that we expect it to be built the way the people want.