New Cumberland Council Ponders Action

 Will the City of New Cumberland take legal action should the State of West Virginia construct Alt. Rt. 4?  With a deadline of March 8 to decide if they will litigate or give the green light to Alt. Rt. 4, Council has requested details on the impediments cited by the Dept. of Highways at a recent Council meeting to Alt. 5 A.   
According to City Clerk Tammy Jenkins, DOH has provided the historic structures in Alt. 5A’s route which include Graham’s Store, Swan’s Apartment Building and the Daniel’s house on South Chester Street. The Daniel’s house was formerly owned by Sondra Harris Gilmer and the late Delbert Harris.   Also listed as impediments to 5A are the ball fields on South Chester Street which are privately owned.
  Council members expressed concern to DOH representative at that meeting about the impact to the City’s sewage vac station and water wells which are in the path of Alt. 4, which runs between the railroad tracks and the hillside.  Also of concern is the proximity of the road to the entrance to New Cumberland City Park.  DOH officials have expressed a willingness to work with the City to mitigate any damages, but have said should the City plan to litigate it will proceed with Alt. 2, a route which simply straightens out the S curve on Route 2.
    Council is slated to meet Monday, March 1 at 5 p.m.