Your Imagination Station by Connie & Shauna

Your Imagination Station
Hello Friends, welcome back to Your Imagination Station. We’re so glad you decided to stop back in to see what we’ve been up to since we were last together, and to see what we have planned now.
A quick look back…we were thrilled to have had 17 kiddos come in for our Easter Egg/Book Hunt. What a FANTASTIC turn out !! The kiddos enjoyed hunting for a book that had an Easter Egg attached to it, because when they found it, they got to take it home, as a gift from all of us here at the library. For our older children, we had a library scavenger hunt that was also well received. They too, got a book of their own. Once books were found, the hunters “hopped” on over to decorate eggs. Stop by our Facebook Page or Group, Lynn Murray Memorial Library, and see all the fun that was had.
We also shared our selection of books on the Holocaust. April 8 was National Holocaust Remembrance Day, and we had books displayed and checked out, all week long. Be sure to check out our “featured” table every month. It sits to your immediate right, as you walk in.
So, what are we doing for ya’ll now, you ask? In honor of Earth Day coming April 22, we are beginning a recycling program, right here at the library. That’s right……bring your recycles here and give to Connie or Shauna, and we’ll take care of them. This will be an ongoing program for us now, and we’ll be accepting cardboard (broken down), paper (junk mail, store ads, newspapers, scrap paper, anything paper), and aluminum cans (rinsed please, to avoid bees and ants). Don’t forget to bring in any books or magazines you’ve read and puzzles you’ve worked. We always welcome those.
Now for the really EXCITING news… Do you have kiddos who love to get their hands dirty? Then you need to mark your calendar and come join us Saturday April 24 from 11am-1pm for some fun with SEEDS & TREES. We’re having an outside day of fun planting seeds and trees, to celebrate Arbor Day. We’ll be planting flower and vegetable seeds in cups and watching them grow. And, we’ll plant trees in cups so the kiddos can take home, care for and replant when the time is right. And lastly, we’ll be making Bug Houses. Doesn’t this sound like a fun day? We want to thank Mon Power for our saplings for the kiddos. You can call ahead to the library at 304-387-1010 to be sure and reserve a spot, or just show up that day. We’ll have books displayed for Earth Day, Arbor Day, seeds, flowers and trees for you to borrow. We’ve got some color sheets for the kiddos too.
Speaking of the kiddos, If you have “little(s)” age birth to 5, don’t forget that you can tune in to our Virtual Story Hour every Fri at 1:00. You’ll find us each week on our Facebook Page or Group, at Lynn Murray Memorial Library. We always post the book we’ve read, a color sheet, and patterns for the craft that week. So gather your “little(s)” and enjoy a story with us. Beginning in May, we’ll be having Story Time for elementary age children too, and we’re really looking forward to that.
Remember, grab a book and let your imagination take you places you’ve never been.
Connie and Shauna