Oak Glen High School Little Theatre Presents: The Murder Monolgues

The Murder Monologues will be available for streaming June 4-6. Newspaper tycoon RJ Suthers is found dead in his study following a birthday party. All of those invited, his wife Charlotte, daughter Ellie and boyfriend Gregory, sister Edith and Peter Archer are suspects. Who did it? Why? Is it the one person who is set to inherit his company? Or the person who would lose it all if he were alive? Through a series of monologues, the audience will discover clues, new motives for the murder alongside a plucky detective with an eye for detail.
Tickets for the show can be purchased here:
The show will be available for streaming starting June 4 at 7pm until June 6 at 11:55pm. Tickets are $5 for single and $10 for a family.