The Highest Honor Students for the class of 2021- Colton Ash, Jacob Clark, Jessica Duty, Connor Gibson, Alexis Holden-Kendra, Alayna Kranis, Brooklyn Loveland, Rory McNutt, Amber Moore, Jadyn Smith, Halee Stevens, and Garrett Wright

Promise Scholarships– Joricia Alexander, Izabella Barganski, Jacob Clark, Connor Gibson, Rory McNutt, and Halee Stevens

West Virginia University Scholarships-Izabella Barganski, Kylie Conkle, Connor Gibson, Alayna Kranis, and Halee Stevens

Marshall University Scholarships-Joricia Alexander, Sydney Martinez, Alissa McGaffick, and Rory McNutt

WV Northern Community College Scholarship-Bailey Rager and Garrett Wright

University of the Aster Market Foundation Scholarship-Garrett Wright

Mark C. McGeehan Memorial Scholarship-Connor Gibson

Okey Sayre Memorial Scholarship-Gage Patterson

Jack McDevitt Memorial Scholarship-Brayden Mineard

Never Alone Tony Ruszkowski Memorial Scholarship-Connor Gibson

Daughters of the American Revolution-Connor Gibson

American Legion Post 121 Scholarships-Evan Geisse and Addyson McSwegin

Lions Club Scholar of the Month-Jadyn Smith

Newell Lion’s Club Scholarship-Bailey Rager

OG Touchdown Club Scholarship-Evan Geisse and Kyler O’Connor

OG Soccer Boosters Scholarship-Jacob Clark

Cheering Boosters Scholarship-Mallory Kovalcik

OG Grapplers Club Scholarship-Kyler O’Connor

OG Band Boosters Scholarship-Kenzie Hammon

Serra Family Foundation Scholarship-Rory McNutt

Weirton Medical Center Scholarship-Alayna Kranis

Weirton Rotary-Rory McNutt

Pt Pleasant Ladies Aide Society Scholarship-Connor Gibson

Lou Holtz Hall of Fame-Life Improvement Scholarship-Garrett Wright

Charles M. Pugliese & Thelma M. Pugliese Scholarships-Aries Headmond, Ethan Hurl, and Kyler O’Connor

John & Lida Troop Scholarship-Connor Gibson, Alayna Kranis, and Rory McNutt