Robert Bailey

Please come & join us at the Hancock County Museum as we kick off our new Hancock County History Lecture Series!The first presentation will focus on Tomlinson Run State Park. We will be discussing its expansive history. I think by the end of the presentation, folks with have a new appreciation for the park. Did you know that Tomlinson Run had at least 7 working saw & grist mills? One of them could be one of the most unique in the world! Another of them, nobody has any idea who owned it. There were several pioneer homesteads within the park boundaries. Ever heard of the New Manchester Turnpike? Have you seen the Dynamite Shacks? What about the Post Office that was in a cave and carved with the local residents’ names? Ever found the sanitorium? Are you aware of the covered bridges? Ever found a coal mine or oil rig in the park? The homestead of John Newell & birthplace of James Newell? Baxter’s Sugar Camp? Have you ever seen the double waterfall?There are remnants of these things and more that can be found throughout the park. We will discuss what they are, what we know about them, and where to find them in the park if you’re so inclined.The presentation begins June 27th at 2pm at the Hancock County Museum, 1008 Ridge Ave, New Cumberland, WV, 26047