Doris Cameron to Frank McKibben, Mary McKibben, $189,900.00  Plat of Pughtown

Estate of Mildred Vukovich, Estate of Louie Vukovich, Robert Musulin, Executor, to Robert Phillips, Amanda Phillip, $175,000.00, Hindman Estates

Paul Molchan, Louanne Molchan to Joseph DeStefano, Courtney Antigo, $269,900.00, Northgate Subdivision

Guida Irrevocable Trust, Daniel Guida, trustee, to Larry Leah, $300,000.00, Parcel 1, Half Moon, Parcel 2, area not given

Juszcak Development to Justin Wayne Myers, Auralee Myers, $38,000.00, 1.0 acres, Grant District

Sara Sue Rhoades to Key Real Estate, $19,000.00, Second Allotment of H.S. Culler Plan of Lots

W JAI, Michael Chek Managing Member to David Lamp, Theresa Lamp,  $2,500.00, Containing $14,400 sq.ft. or 0.331 acres, Butler District

Christopher Avetta by trustee, Rocio Avetta by trustee, Terra Abstract Trustee West Virginia Inc, trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association

R&S Investments to Terri Lynne Welter, $80,000.00, Tract Containing .318 acres, Weirton

Chad M. McCauley to Sean Michael Stewart, $141,000.00, 18.258 acres, Grant

Estate of Clifford Fleahan, Estate of Carolin Fleahman, Lisa M. Allen, executrix, to Brittany Kay Allen,  Nicholas Edward Wells, $90,000.00, Marland Heights

Donald Lawton, Deborah Lawton, to Errin Lawton Basil, Riverview Estates

William P, Marsella to Sharon M. Marsella, Butler District

Russell Hall, Shelly Hall to Desiree Cunningham, North Weirton

Brian Spurlock to Brian Spurlock, Kristine Spurlock, 1 acre, Grant District

Michael J. Ruane, Selena Ruane  to Emily  Eyler, Merle Woodring, $96,550.00, Hooker Addition

Victoria Karen Clark, Arthur Todd Clark to Kylee Mills,  $100,000.00, C A Smith Addition to Chester

Amelia Basile to Michael Basile, Amelia Basile, 18 acres, Grant District

Amelia Basile to Michael Basile, Amelia Basile, 1.627 acres, Clay District

Amelia Basile to Michael Basile, Amelia Basile,  11.27 acres, Grant District

Cheryl Cumberledge to Joshua Bigler, $86,000.00,  1.133 acres, Grant District

Mary Murray to David Young, Joyce Young, $242,000.00, tract 2 known

NP Alliance to Arthur Davis, Angela Davis,  $28,500.00,  Countryside Villzuch, Grant District

Cecil Jordan, Linda Jordan to Joe Szuch, $45,000.00, Newell

Glenn A. Lawyer to Harley Morris

Estate of Robert Stoneburner, Janet Stoneburner, administratrix, to Danny Miller, Dyanna Miller, $2,500.00, Newell

Vicky Lynne Williams, Terence Edward Van Gilder, Genevieve VanGilder, Bruce Wayne Van Gilder, Thomas Franklin Van Gilder to Jennifer Marie Anderson, Walter Lawrence Second Addition

Virk Rattandeep Singh to Ryan Jeter, Alisher Jeter, $17,000.00, Carothers Addition Plan of Lots Weirton

Dennis Allen, Susan S. Marsh, Catherine Allen to Susan Kaye Tournay Colpo, $99,000.00, Carothers Addition

West Virginia Delinquent & Nonentered Lands to Ted Troia, 2nd addition Weir Avenue

Mark Everhart to Anthony Harrison,   $4,000.00, Sun Valley, John Guthrie Plan of Lots

West Virginia Delinquent & Nonentered Lands to James Brinker 97 4 CF AL CO Rd., Weirton,

George Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Krista Jackson to Jonathan Jackson, Weirton Mutual Realty Company, 2nd Addition

Chambers Family Trust, Clyde Chambers, trustee, Sandra Chambers, trustee to Clyde Chambers, Sandra Chambers,  Hillcrest Land Development

Clyde Chambers, Sandra Chambers to Heather Pasquale,  $600,000.00, Hillcrest Land Co. Subdivision

Judy R. Andrews to Brock Beatty, Tasha Beatty, $240,000.00, 15.02 acres Grants Row, Clay District

W JAI to Weirton Frontier Crossings, $2,500.00, Weirton

ZOC Industrial Services to Weirton Frontier Crossings,  $2,500.00, Weirton

W JAI to Weirton Frontier Crossings, $2,500.00, Weirton

ZGC Industries to Weirton Frontier Crossings, $2,500.00, Weirton

Kathy Jo Link to Kathy Jo Link, Butler District

Esther Straight to Lisa Straight, $55,010.20, CA Smith Addition to Chester

Lola Little, Albert Leasure, Thomas Leasure to James Miloski, Cheri Miller, $130,000.00 Butler District

Mary Bowen to Cameron Bowen,  John Gardner Plan of Lots

Margarate Elaine Orrechio Living Trust, Margaret Elaine Orrechio, trustee, Mark Orrechio, trustee, to Drew Bidwell,  $164,900.00, Butler District

Thomas Zimmerman to Andrew C, Duda, Tasha Devaughn Duda, $10,000.00, Fergusons 1st Addition of Block D

Brian D, Stewart to Anna Alford, C A Smith Addition to Chester

Jenna Bain to Linda Dougherty, $83,000.00, Butler District

Carolyn Bond to Rock It Properties IV, $28,000.00, Hooker 2nd Addition

Rock It Properties IV to GAO Junping $36,500.00, Hooker 2nd Addition

Business Development Corporation of the Northern Panhandle to City of New Cumberland, New Cumberland

Joshua Forma to Shane Reese, $178,000.00, Grant District

April Ross to Daniel Ross, Alonzo Gorrell Plan of Lots

David Shilling to DAS Living Trust, David Shilling, trustee, Chester

Daniel Sikora, Carolee Sikora to Harry Gaillas, Donna Gaillas, $195,000.00 Hagerty Subdivision

J. J. Guida Realty Company to Mark Guglielmo, Michelle Guglielmo, Carothers Plan of Lots

Mark Guglielmo, Michelle Guglielmo to Christopher Gale, Tiffany Gale, $20,000.00, Carothers Plan of Lots

David McCartney, Christina McCartney to Area not given, New Cumberland

Robert Elliott, Deborah Elliott to Bethany Rauth, $125,000.00, Weirton

Melissa Rispoli, John Rispoli to Ross Longo, Gwen Longo, $322,500.00

Mark M. Frederick, Rebecca S, Frederick to Lacey Thomas, $139,900.00 Newell

Lacey Thomas to Liberty Home Mortgage Co., Newell

Jennifer Cowans to Nick Svokas, $38,000.00, Hooker 2nd Addition

Darrell Snyder, Barbara Snyder to Richard Culligan, Cheryl Carnes, $269,900.00, Hindman Estates

Adkins Rentals to Laurel Group, $125,000.00, Chester

Alyssa Marie Henry, Alyss Marie Misenhelder, Sean Michael Henry to Alyssa Marie Henry, Sean Michael Henry, Weirton

Sarah Gibson, Jason Jeffe to Justin Summer, $105,000.00, Butler District

Leah Himmerlrich to Joseph A, Fulgione, Jr, Jodi Weisz Fulfione, $165,000.00,  Marland Heights

David Shilling to DAS Living Trust, David Shilling Trustee, Grant District

Joseph Phillo, Terri Pillo, Pillo Living Trust, Joseph and Terri, Grant District

Jason Edward Shaw, Nichole Shaw to Richard Roy Markle, Tiffany Markle,  Grant District

Rachel Brown, James Brown, to Nona Maysey,  $148,000.00, Ralph Virden Plan of Lots

Richard S. Parker, Cindy Parker to Richard Parker, Cindy Parker, Butler District

John McGinty, Marge McGinty to John McGinty, Grant District

Anita Jane Spadafora to Kaitkyn Pitchok, $199,900.00, Bellaire Addition

Sally S. Wilson Irrevocable Trust, Kenneth Wilson, trustee, to Lydia Misenhelder, $138,000.00, Cove Valley Estates

Theresa Harbert to Logan Taylor, $74,900.00, George Owings Addition

Teresa Yoder, Rick Yoder to Wendy Ann Ralston, $120,000.00, Butler District

Robert Rosnick, Chester Long, $158,400.00, Half Moon

David Mosser, Kimberly Mosser to The Mosser Family Irrevecable Trust, Jessica Marie Mosser, trustee, Butler District

Tawni Battista to Eric Bailey, $245,900.00, Butler District