AND THEN AGAIN……. by Tamara Pettit

…….I felt an editorial bubbling up within me Sunday.  I hear you saying “Does she always have to be a drama queen?  Can’t she just say “I was moved to write an editorial” and leave it at that?   Nope, it doesn’t work like that.  I am a person of strong feelings and ideas and I can literally feel them struggling to be heard.  It’s a good thing we have a newspaper to vent those feelings.

…..But, wait.  I’m not the only one permitted to express my views in Hometown News.  Rather than just rail about my editorial on our Facebook Page, our readers are always welcome to express their views through a Letter to the Editor.  That’s the beauty of freedom of the press.  You have a view of the way things need to be and  I can think you’re wrong.   We both can meet on the Editorial page and hopefully spur others to divergent thoughts on issues.  Maybe even convince a reader our position is the right one.   You can e-mail your letter to [email protected].

…….I wrote about getting vaccinated and how I believe we all should be responsible citizens and get vaccinated.  I know that readers will disagree; some will be angry.   Debate is good.   I   relish it.

…….I believe that need to share my opinion and engage in dialogue with those who disagree stems from not being driven to be a “good little girl” when I was young.    Many women were taught to seek approval….not to rattle the cages…..or disturb the status quo.  A woman was measured by her “ladylike” demeanor.  Serenity was a plus.  Confronting an issue was a negative.  That really is a shame because many women repressed their true leadership ability opting instead to be nice.

……So, it got me thinking. We all remember Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of OZ.  Does anyone remember the name of the bad witch?   I don’t and even Wikipedia doesn’t,  because no-one wants to talk about her.  Does the same scenario imply to the name that many women have been called as they get assertive?  I believe the difference between the good and bad bitch is all about the end result.   When I am fighting for a cause that is worthy…..I am a good bitch.   When I am being a picky, self-absorbed woman,   I am a bad bitch.  But sometimes in retrospect the good bitch can be seen in the bad bitch when the result of her strident voice, and take no prisoners efforts are for a good cause.

…..I was reminded of a time when I was a “good bitch” some 20 years ago.  I was walking through Union Cemetery on Sunday looking at the condition of the grounds after I heard the complaints at the Commissioner’s meeting.  I encountered a citizen and we talked about the situation.  As she turned to leave, she turned and said “Thank you, Tamara.”  Her granddaughter had been very ill as a baby and I had been able, in my role as a delegate, to get her the care she needed.   I remembered my words to DHHR when I was told the baby wasn’t covered under Medicaid and was without insurance:  “I don’t want you to tell me how you  can’t do it; I want you to tell me how we’re going to get it done.”   Was I a bitch?  Heck yeah.   Good for me,  (Just for the record, had I been a man I would have been seen as being effective or assertive.)  Meanwhile, in past years I have trying to emulate the Good Witch and am just trying to remind people that “we’re not in Kansas anymore….no we’re in a troubled economy in West Virginia” and trying to “follow the yellow brick road, except it’s in dire need of a paving job.”

……Interesting scenario in Weirton.  Councilman Mike Adams has been named City Manager.  Former City Manager Joe Dibartolomeo resigned recently but not before he called Adams out on serving as Councilman and Hancock County Prosecutor.  The City Manager is a full-time job.  Adams is an attorney and has most recently been in private practice.   Prosecutor Steven Dragisich said Adams will resign his post as Assistant Prosecutor and Dragisich will be looking for an attorney to fill that position.  Adams also served the City of Chester as City Solicitor although he was rarely seen at  meeting and I assume he will be resigning that position.