While Chester City Solicitor Mike Adams has resigned from his position as Hancock County Assistant Prosecutor to take the Weirton City Manager’s position, the City of Chester has still not heard from as to whether he will resign his position as City Solicitor.   Adams, an attorney, was recently appointed to the full-time position as Weirton City Manager.  He resigned his position as Weirton City Councilman and according to Prosecutor Steven Dragisich would be resigning his position as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.   According to Chester Assistant City Clerk Tara Ayers, the City learned of Adam’s appointment through the media and has yet to hear from Adams as to whether he will continue in the City Attorney’s position.

     Chester Council is also expected to address the City Clerk’s position in coming months.  The City Clerk is currently an elective position with a salary of $200 per month.  The position is currently vacant.   Council will consider making the position appointive, a proposition that will require a change in the City Charter.  Ayers said Council will first vote whether or not to place the change in the Charter before the voters in the 2022 Municipal Election.

        Council is slated to meet again September 4.