Hancock County Sheriff’s September Citations


Clarence Owens – DUI

Lance Brooks – Registration Expired

Lance Brooks – No MVI

Lyn Buchanan – DUI – 1st Offense

Tyler Cronin – Registration Expired

Tyler Cronin – Defective Equipment/Illegal Substance

Paul Manbeck – No Insurance

Paul Manbeck – Registration Improper

Elijah Zanders – Registration Expired

Cody Thompson – Expired Registration

Ran McHendry – OL/Suspended Revoked Admin. 3rd

Ran McHendry – Registration Expired

Kaitlyn Herstine – OL/Suspended Revoked Admin. 3rd

Kaitlyn Herstine – Possession of Controlled Substance

Cody Salyers – Registration Expired

Sophio Spilios -Possession or use of tobacco by a minor

Thomas Davis – SWLS Admin/3rd Offense

Leon Daughtery – Speeding

Jordan Stoudemire – Possession of Marijuana

Henry Wylie – Driving Suspended/DUI 2nd

Lamon Johnson – Passing in no Passing Zone

Robert Schneider – Speeding

Donald Neff II – DUI .15 + BAC

Ronald Deubel – Registration Expired

Lawrence Walker – Driving suspended – revoked license

Kalen Weltner – Speeding

Dean Swann – DUI .15 + BAC

Jonathan Allison – Registration Expired

Gregory Bolton – Driving Suspended – Revoked License

Matthew Hart – No Insurance

Matthew Hart – Driving Suspended/DUI 2nd

Joseph Haskey – Domestic Battery

Al Jonae Phillips – Driving Suspended Revoked License

Daniel Bowman – Speeding

Tyler Clancy – Speeding

Larry Ward, Sr. – OI/Suspended Revoked Adm. 3rd

Henry Spencer – Speeding

Steven Stone – DWLS Admin./3rd Offense

Ronald Sutton – Speeding

David Michael – Stop Sign

Richard Mayhew – OL/Suspended and revoked Admin. 1st

Christopher Penman – DUI – 1st Offense

Jerry Laddington – No Operators

Derek Blake – No MVI

Benjamin Keener – Speeding

Gregory Henderson – Speeding

Jose Sorto – DUI 2nd Offense

Sorto Jose – OL/No Operators

Rider Keeler – Reckless Driving

Timothy Davis – Possession of Marijuana

Kyle Yoder – Speeding

Nicholas Morey – Fail to Obey Flagger in Work Zone

Willis White – Speeding

Jordan Foster – OL/Suspended revoked Admin. 1st

Jason Kraner – Possession of Marijuana

Ralph Mathias, Jr. – DUI

Kurt Jordan – Speeding

Candace Himelrick – Expired Registration

Candace Himelrick – Failure to Produce Insurance

Christopher Alifonso – Driving Suspended Revoked License

Nathan Bozek – Use or possession of tobacco by a Minor