The New Cumberland Military Banner Committee will be hosting an open house on Saturday, November 13, 2021, from one to three in the afternoon at the New Cumberland City Building.  The event will be held in the multi-purpose room and will include a display of all the military banners that have been purchased in honor of the town’s veterans.  Thirty of the banners were on display during the recent Fall Fest.  Those have now been taken down for the winter and will be on display along with the other twenty-two banners which have since been ordered.  The new arrivals were not put up outside because of the impending winter weather.  The vinyl banners are stored for the winter so that they do not crack with the freezing and thawing of the winter months.  All of the banners, including any that are purchased between now and next spring, will be installed on the telephone poles downtown and along Ridge Avenue next May.  They will be in place between Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day of next year.  This open house gives families and visitors who did not get a chance to see the banners during Fall Fest an opportunity to see all the banners in one place.  Refreshments will be served.  A reminder to anyone who has purchased a banner in the last two to three weeks, these banners have not yet arrived because the printing process takes between six to eight weeks.  The committee invites the public to attend the open house to see the banners and the new veterans’ hall of the city museum, which is now being set up as a permanent way to remember our service men and women.  Forms will be available at the open house for anyone who wants to order a banner.  This is an ongoing project which will decorate all of the town’s telephone poles, starting on the main streets and possibly extending onto Second and Third Avenues as well.