Regis Allgood, Newell – Driving with License Suspended

Scott Utt, Wellsville – DUI 1st

Patrick McDermatt, Glendale, WV – DUI 1st

Kimberly Donaldson, Youngstown – DUI 1ST/Driving Suspended/Obstruction

Treva Pickering, Weirton – Receiving and Transferring Stolen Goods

Charles Baker, Wintersville – Possession of Stolen Vehicle/Malicious Assault/Possession of Meth/Possession with Intent Meth

Sydney Haught, Chester – DUI 1st

Austin Young, Newell – DUI 1st/DWLS 3rd/Capias DUI

Jennifer Osgood, Pittsburgh – DUI

Johnny Brown, Weirton – Driving Revoked DUI

Donald Johnson III, East Liverpool – DWLS 3rd/Obstruction/Possession of Marijuana

Travis McKinnon, Chester – False Evidence

Scott Hudson, New Cumberland – Delivering controlled substance Meth

Lena Craig, New Cumberland – Possession of Controlled Substance

Kenneth Hamilton, Orange, TX – DUI 3rd

Karlee Walker, Chester – Feeling on Foot/obstructing (resisting)

Mathieu Perron-Boucher, Canada – DUI 1st

Jason Mitsch, Imperial, PA – DUI 1st

Michelle Bezon, Louisville, OH – Possession of Controlled Substance/Possession of Marijuana

Jonathon Graham, New Cumberland – DWLS 2nd/Accident involving damage and failure to exchange information

Robert Green, III, Weirton – Domestic Battery

Franklin Gilbert, Newell – Grand Larceny

Christopher Lemley, Jr., Chester – DUI 2nd/Leaving the scene of an accident

William Bish, Weirton – Battery Warrant/Simple Possession Meth <15mg/Obstructing Fleeing

Jason Webster, New Cumberland – Possession of Heroin

Michelle Rocchio, New Cumberland – Possession of Meth

Savanna Gwynn, Carmichael, PA – Possession of Meth

William Freeman, Carmichael,  PA – Possession of Meth/Possession of controlled substance Heroin

William Freeman, Carmichael, PA – Fugitive from Justice Ohio/Obstruction of Officer/Petit Larceny/Fugitive from Justice PA

Charles Varner, Chester -DUI

Billy Little, West Columbiana, OH – DUI

John Zubay, Wellsville – DUI/Driving Suspended

Shane Katsis, East Palestine – Driving Suspended 3rd Offense/Possession of Marijuana/Improper Registration

Darnell Arnott, Chester – Capias FTA

Sharon Bennett, Weirton – Capias FTA

Wyatt Fone, Chester – Domestic Battery/Obstruction/Failure to Print