Sharon Lynn Vinci to Jeremy Jordan, Marjorie Jordan,  CA Smith Plan of Lots,  $235,500.00

Janice Petrovich, Lisa Powell, Susan Fijewski, Karen Reese to Aiden Dulaney, AC Donell Revised Plan, $140,000.00

Barbara Gugliemo to Edward Cassidy, Woodland Estates, $65,000.00

Sean Adkins to Dominique Adkins,  Sean Adkins, City of Chester

Edson J. Arneault to Kevin Deshong, Jennifer Steele, Porter Plan of Lots, New Cumberland, $169,900.00

Jonathan Jackson to ryan Jeter, Weirton Mutual Realty Company’s Second Addition, $6,500.00

Robert Andrew Fair to Jason Michael Fair,  Second Addition to Newell,

Kristopher Aaron Potock, Lorie Ann Potock to Shawna Webster, Foreest Hills, $159,900.00

Antonio Alberto Magnone to Samuel Dwain Mraovich, Richard Mort Plan of Lots, Weirton, $160,000.00

Daniel Powell to Scott Erik Owens, Julie Ann Owens, Elizabeth Cropper Second Subdivision, $61,372.00

Joseph G. Geisse, IV to Judith Brown, 8 acres, Grant District, $4,000.00

Robert W. Wooley to Linden Avenue, 2 acres, Grant District, $345,000.00

Jennifer Stewart, Joshua Stewart to Corey Mitchem Crystal Clifton, 1 acres, Clay District, $207,725.00

Lisa Dellenbaurgh to Alan Anderson, Butler District, $138,000.00

Gloria Ciarrocchi to Peter J. Nichols, Stacey Nichols, Bellview Park Addition , $88,000.00

Erik Kaufman to Richard Lucas Flaus, Marland Heights Allotment, $106,000.00

Steven Doucette, Tawnya Doucette to Edward Behanna, Cove Valley Estates, $141,999.00

Huguette Harrington to William Rice, $135,000.00

West Virginia Delinquent & Nonentered Lands, Mavis Kukich by Commissioner to Branit Hunt, Ave,. E Weirton

West Virginia Delinquent & Nonentered Lands, Ann Harcarik by Commission to Branie Hunt, Ave D 11, C F AL AVE. F, $200.00

Amedeo Mastrantoni, Stephanie Mastrantoni to John Howard Properties, Buckingham Heights, $14,500.00

Michael Payne, Sara Payne to Kyle Lestini, Country Club Estates, $290,000.00

Sebastian Lopen by trustee Thomas Decapio, to  Estate of Lewis Arthur, Grant District, $110,000.00

Janeen Gismondo to Donna Gialluco, Three Springs Plan, $10,000.00

Herbert Harper to April Einberger, Jeffrey Einberger, 12.56 acres, Grant District, $168,000.00

Kathleen Kyle, co-trustee, Emmanuel Volino, co-trustee, Mary Jane Mutton Trust to Alexis Keller, North American Manufacturing Co., Grant District, $30,000.00

Edgar Wilson Linda Wilson to Mistie Marshall, Harvard Heights Plan, Weirton, $95,000.00

W JAI to Weirton Frontier Crossings, Butler District, $2,317.75

ZOC Industrial Services by Michael Chek to Bailey Donell, Stewart Anderson Plan, $70,000.00

Andrew Iarossi to Andrew Lucas, Scandola State Line Parcels, Weirton, $128,000.00

Jeffrey Joseph Sabatini, Susan Kay Savatino to Goliath Realty and Investment, Marland Heights Allotment

Linda Shroades to Russett Shroades, Terry Shroades, Lawrenceville

Michael Coates, Tracy Coates to Conjaila H-Guastella, Newell, $15,000.00

Dan Bornscheuer, Pam Bornscheuer to JD Home Mgt., Weirton Heights, $72,500.00

Trudy Hall, Steven Hall to Judy Shuman, John Lederman, Newell, $15,000.00

George Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Krista Jackson, to Patrick Real Estate, Weirton Heights, $6,000.00

Linda Ann Mckinnon to Linda Ann Mckinnon,Rodger Mckinnon, Grant

Channing Trust, Sharon Elaine Stevens, successor trustee, to Shelly Johnston, Weirton, $85,000.00

Brian Seevers to Alvin Eugene Work, Jr., Mary Jean Clarke, George Owings Addition, $72,500.00

West Virginia Housing Dev. Fund to John Howard Properties, Carothers Plan of Lots

Gabriel Paul Ofca to Emily Grace Ofca, Butler District,, $114,500.00

Darrell W. Keenan to Joseph M. Keenan, Dinna L Keenan, Maple Manor, Butler District,

Brian Sweeney to Roger Mercer, Debra Mercer, New Cumberland, $1,000.00

Anthony Marinacci, Cynthia Marinacci to Stephen Maus, Alexis Maus, Marland Heights, $152,500.00

Estate of John Konnovitch, Jr.,,Margaret Rose Bolock, individually and excutrix,  Michael John Konnovitch, Patricia Ann Channing, Susan Armostrong, Kathryn Virginia Swiger, Jeffrey Steven Konnovitch to Eugene Gugliemo, Orchard Park,, $15,000.00

Gus Shinakis to Roy Albosta, Jr., Sunset Terrace,  $230,000.00

Richard Miser to Zachary Miller, Hillcrest Land Company,

Patrick Barrett to Matthew David  Moon, Half Moon,$630.000.00

Alexa Dierdorf, Scott Dierdorf to Scott Baxter, Sunset Terrace, $132,500.00

Marsha Tournay, Howard Tournay, Robert Falk, Elizabeth Falk to Raeola Roach, Chester, $82,000.00

Jian Xu Wang,  Lin Pi Xian to Joshua Baker, Chester, $105,000.00

Melvin Yoder, Ada J. Yoder to Dan  Schledewitz, Weirton, $10,444.00

Toni Ann Cruny, Brenda Kent to Richard Meola, Michele Meola, Newell, $9,000.00

Patsy Ann Prater to Richard Myers, Susan Myers, Ross Rd.  $59,000.00

Lisa Dulick   to Keane Kriebel, Marland Heights, $190,000.00

Gregory Scott Phillips, Jennifer Phillips t o Robert Phillips, Laura Phillips,  Clay District, $190,000.00

John Fazi, Sylvia Fazi to Bryan West, C. Ferguson’s Allotment to Weirton, $20,000.00

Vince D’Alesio to Brye Josef  Turlow, Autumn  Harigel, Butler District,  $26,000.00

Matthew Amedeo, Terry Amedeo to Peter Logoyda,  Melody Logoyda, Hillcrest Manor,  $215,000.00

Patty Burgess to  Michael Angelo Prisco,  Hillcrest Farms

N.P. Alliance to  Jennifer McVay,  Countryside Village, $28,500.00

Estate of Ethel Dunaway Adkins, James McGurren, executor, to  Matthew Amedeo, Terry Amedeo, Chester Rolling Mill, $190,000.00

Agnes Parlor by POA, Scott Parlor, POA to Bryan Childers, Weircrest, $126,000.00

Promise of Victory Church of God, Glen Thompson, trustee, Paul Marino, trustee, Jonathan Chomor, trustee, to Family of God Christian Center, North Weirton

Sandra Kuczynski, Michael Kuczynski to Patricia Korczyk, Weirton Ice & Coal, $78,000.00

Paula Talbott by atty in fact, Brock Talbott to Courtney Rice, Hindman Estates, $169,900.00

DeCaria Family Trust, Vincenzo DeCaria, trustee, Belinda DeCaria, trustee, to John Howard Properties, Orchard Park, $9,000.00

Nancy Gialluco to Joseph Gonzalez, Lisa Gonzalez, Zack Gonzalez, Harvard Heights, $55,000.00

Louis Elio Comis to Louis Elio Comis, Alicia Comis, Bel Air Plan

Elizabeth Robertson, to John Kocheck, Jr., Weircrest, $130,000.00

Samantha Shaw, Dan Sha, to Danielle Addison Ginier, Clayton Thomas Holdbrook, Grant District, $123,000.00

John Sterling Proving, III to John Sterling  Provins, III, Eileen Nancy Provins, Hillcest Manor

Christopher Clunk, Michelle Clunk to Jennifer Stukas, Carson Farms,

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee, ABFC Asset Backed Certificates Series 2005-WF1 by Wells Fargo Bank to Equity & Help, Inc, C. Ferguson’s Allotment, $19,500.00

Delmar Logston by trustee, Lura Logston by trustee to Huntington Nationak Bank,, Grant District, $44,357.00

Brian Vossen, Tambria Vossen to Michael Veltri, Christine Veltri McGaughey, Frank Veltr, Weirton, $140,000.00

John Simmons, Debra Simmons to Patricia Day, Debra Harkins, Butler, $162,000.00

Adam Paris, Megan Paris, to Matthw Mankowski, Sarah Mankowski, Butler District, $272,500.00

David Mike, Theresa Mike to Jared Tellish, Laurel Heights,  $30,500.00