Statement from Senator Minority Leader Baldwin and House Minority Leader Skaff Regarding State Employee Pay Raises

We are grateful that the Governor has secured the support of the Legislature to give all state employees, including state troopers, teachers and school service personnel, a pay raise. We, as a state, must take care of our own.  We must put West Virginia families- and West Virginia workers- first. Democrats have stood with state employees, troopers, teachers and school service personnel to fight for past raises, and we are thankful that the Governor continues to see the importance of the work these West Virginians do every day.

We know that the massive influx of federal funds, largely thanks to Senator Joe Manchin and his Democratic colleagues, has enabled our state to be in the strong financial situation that we are in. We look forward to passing legislation next session to improve the pay for thousands of workers across our state. We hope that these salary discussions are expanded to include much needed cost-of-living adjustments for retirees. 

It is important that we show our state employees, troopers, teachers and school service personnel that we value them and the work that they do. These raises are a good step to help build a better West Virginia and to encourage West Virginians stay here, rebuild here and succeed here.