The Hancock County Board of Education voted to donate $10,000.00 to the Chester Park Board to assist with resurfacing the Park’s tennis courts.  Going forth,  Oak Glen High School’s tennis team will use the Chester Park’s courts for both practice and matches in the spring season.   Oak Glen Principal David Smith told the Board the Chester Park Board has been raising funds for renovations of the Court which will  also include security cameras.  The Board also voted to make an annual donation to the Park Board of $2,000.00 for the next five years. 

      Oak Glen previously utilized  Mountaineer’s tennis courts for both matches and practice, but that option is no longer available to the team.

     Smith said Oak Glen had always operated with a “gentleman’s agreement” rather than legal contract when utilizing tennis courts at Mountaineer and a tennis court near New Manchester.  Oak Glen had also used the tennis court at New Cumberland City Park in past years.

      Board members observed that for an investment of $12,000.00, tennis courts could not be built.

      “I think this is a good investment,” said Board President Dan Kaser.

      School service personnel will now receive a $500.00 early retirement bonus.   The Board voted to show the County’s appreciation for service personnel’s contributions as they increased the $250.00 originally proposed to $500.00.  Teachers currently receive a bonus upon early retirement and Board members noted that it’s important to convey the importance of service personnel as well. 

In other business, the Board:

**Learned that the tax collections are now at 52.85 percent after only five months of the year.  Finance Director Joe Campinelli reported that he anticipates the collection exceeding the budgeted amount;

**Re-approved the extra curricular coaching pay scale;

**Re-approved the professional salary pay scale;

**Approved unpaid leave of absence days for April Gianvito and Taylor Giannamore;

**Assigned Steven Kettler as a Social Studies teacher at Weir High;

**Approved the following countywide substitute teachers: Patty Boniti, Robin Blair, Jenna Mason, Erica Bennett and Lindsey Smith;

**Accepted the resignation of Joseph Jimboy as Assistant Volleyball Coach, Weir High;

**Approved the assignment of  Raymond Case as Assistant Girls Basketball at Weir High;

**Approved the assignment of Charlie Whiteman as Assistant Bowling Coach at Weir High;

**Approved the assignment of Adam Davis as Assistant Girls’ Basketball at Oak Glen Middle;

**Named Delaynie Campinelli Builders Club Co-Sponsor at Weir Middle:

**Approved unpaid days for Kristen Burch;

**Accepted the resignation of George Starr as custodian III, GM, Weirton Elementary;

**Transferred Tyler Hamilton from Supervisory Aide/AM at Weirton Elementary to Custodian II, Oak Glen Middle;

**Transferred Holly M. Winterrowd from Supervisory Aide/AM at New Manchester Elementary to Sup. Aide II-IV/ECCAT/AM Pre-K, Allison Elementary;

**Approved overnight field trips for Oak Glen Middle School Wrestling Team to Union Local High School for the OVAC Tournament, January 21-22, 2022.