12/2 Robert Anderson, New Cumberland – Battery

12/3 Christian Cameron, New Cumberland – Receiving/transferring stolen property

12/4  Paul Beaver, Chester – Domestic Assault/Domestic Battery 3rd

12/4  Amanda Crouse, Weirton – Domestic Battery, 1st

12/4  Jeffery Yocum, Weirton – Domestic Battery 3rd/Possession of Marijuana

12/4  Bobby Powell, New Cumberland – DUI 2nd/Possession of Controlled Substance

12/5  Patrick Murphy, Chester – DUI 2nd

12/5  Sierra Morella, New Castle, PA – DUI 1st

12/6  Erica Cooper, Pittsburgh – Grand Larceny

12/6  Michael Kobasko, II, Wheeling –  DUI 1st/Possession of Marijuana/Possession of Xanax

12/6  Darnell Arnott, Aliquippa – Grand Larceny

12/7  Charles Baker, Wintersville – Possession with Intent Meth/ Possession with intent Fentanyl/Possession of Firearm Prohibited person

12/7  Patrick Barton, New Cumberland – Possession with intent Meth/Possession with intent Fentanyl/Possession of firearm Prohibited person/DUI 1st

12/8  Brant Chafins, Newell

12/8  Michael Greathouse, East Liverpool – Petit Larceny

12/8  William Weyand, East Liverpool – DWLS Admin. 3rd/Improper Registration

12/9  Skilar Thrasher, Newell – Terroristic Threats

12/10  Bradley Argentieri, Chester – falsely Reporting an emergency

12/10  Jody Wiley, East Liverpool – DUI 1st

12/12  Samantha Giordano, Wellsville – DUI 1st

12/13  Zachery George, Weirton – Obstructing x 2/Fleeing x2

12/13  Chelsie Davidson, Weirton – Obstructing/Providing False Information to State Police

12/14  James Kiric, Newell – Domestic Battery

12/14  Raymond Ripley, Chester – Destruction of Property/Battery on Government Employee x3/Brandishing deadly weapon

12/15  Samuel Spilios, Newell – Possession with Intent to Deliver/DWLS/Altered Registration-Possession of Meth

12/17  Ashton Todd, Newell – Fleeing in a Motor Vehicle/Possession of Controlled Substance/DWLS Admin/Obstructing an Officer

12/20  Bria Lane, East Liverpool – Obstructing

12/20  Clarence Owens, Newell – DUI 2nd/Fleeing the scene

12/20  Kevin Hutto, Newell – Possession with intent Meth/Possession with intent Marijuana/Battery on an Officer/Fraudulent Registration/No Insurance/Obstructing/DWLS

12/21  Michael McDowell, Wellsville – Possession of Marijuana/DUI

12/22  Christi Boyer, Rogers – DUI 2nd/Possession of Cocaine/Possession of Marijuana/DWLR DUI 1st

12/29  Shane Kantsis, East Palestine – Capias/DWS Admin 3rd/Improper Registration

12/30  Gino Little, Weirton – DUI 1st

12/30 Kevin Hutto, East Liverpool – Possession

12/30  Joseph Prezioso, Warren – DUI 1st