Tyjuan Robinson –  Registration – Expired

Tyjuan Robinson – MV/Expired 30 days or less

John Lee – Reckless Driving

Justin Cornell – Reckless Driving

Maijanae Davila – VUCSA/Marijuana/Possession

Robert Allison – DWLS/DUI

Robert Allison -Insurance/Failure to Produce

Alexis Byfield – VUCSA/Marijuana/Possession

Ethan Lively -Speeding – 20 MPH over

Sonya Ostrander – VUCSA/Marijuana/Possession/State

James Crago – OL/Suspended Revoked Admin. 1st

James Crago – Accident/Leaving the Scene/Property

Quianell Betancourt – Speeding -13 MPH Over

Fred Bryan, II – Failure to Obey Traffic Signal

Robert Gaiton – Obstructing an Officer

Cameron White – Accident/Leaving the Scene/Property

Cameron White – OL/Suspended Revoked Admin. 1st

Joshua Delisi – OL/Fail to Change Name/Address

Miranda Higgins – No Proof of Registration

Monica McDole – FTY  to Emergency Vehicle

Jason Seevers – Insurance/No Insurance

Jason Seevers – Driving Suspended Revoked License

Jason Seevers – Defective Equipment/Operate in Unsafe

Michael Hanlon – Registration Improper

Renee Lewis – Underage Possession of Tobacco

Gregory McLaughlin – Registration Improper

Heather Marshall – Driving Suspended Revoked License

Zane Dulaney – Possession & Consumption of Alcohol

Tyler Davis – OL/Suspended Revoked Admin 2nd

Wayne Fryer – Speeding 10 MPH & Under

Judy Kernen – DUI .15+BAC

Shawn Kernen – CUI.15+BAC

Halee Greenaway – DUI 1st Offense