So, did you see that our Summer Reading Program and all our activities aren’t just for the kiddos? That’s right, check out our photo of our “KNOTTY” adults. If you haven’t stopped in for your KNOT Tying kit, there’s plenty waiting just for YOU. Last week was the Figure 8 Knot, and this week is the Thief’s Knot. Once you’ve learned how to tie them, come in and show us and we’ll give you your Brag Tag.

   Have you been to CHESS Club yet? We meet every Thursday at 4:00. And yes, it’s for adults too. Come on out and play a game or two with us. If you’re part of our Summer Reading Program, you’ll earn a Bead for attending, and a Bead for visiting the library. We’re gonna start making our mobiles next week, to keep our beads on.

   Don’t forget about Build Club. That meets every Tuesday at 4:00. Have you seen all the fun things we have to build with? You’ll get a Bead for attending that too.

   And then we have a really relaxing day on Fridays, when our Sit & Stitch group meets. Take a look at some of the fun projects we’re all working on. If you’re a seasoned stitcher or someone who wants to learn, come to the library on Friday. We’d love for you to join us. We meet from 10-2 every Friday. Bring a sack lunch or some snacks with ya.

   Do your kiddos have plans this Saturday, June 25 from 11-1? If they don’t, then plan to be at our Youth Garden Club. We’ll be checking out the growth in our garden, weeding it, making bird feeders, and painting critter rocks to put in the garden. Be sure and wear or bring a hat, in case it’s sunny. Oh, and don’t wear good clothes, because we’ll probably get kinda dirty.

   Are you keeping up with the weekly Book Challenge for the summer? This week, the challenge is to read a book about a shark. Make sure to enter it in your log so you get credit for your Bead. Wait….you don’t have a challenge log yet? Don’t worry, I have one waiting for ya. Stop in and pick it up. You can still catch up on the weekly challenge. The first week was a fish, and last week was a seal.

   And now…..for the REALLY EXCITING NEWS….. our Summer Reading, in-house Program is NEXT WEEK !!!!! We are more than excited to get these kiddos in here for stories, crafts, snacks, hands-on projects, socialization, and soooo much more. I promise you, they DO NOT wanna miss all the fun. We’re all decorated for the occasion, and have so many fun things for them to do while they’re here. It’s not too late to register. We’ll be meeting every day, Monday – Friday, at either 12:30-2 or 4-5:30. Whichever time is better for you. This program is for children who have just finished Kindergarten and above. If your child is 5 or younger, then you’ll want them in Summertime Storytime, which is every Wednesday at 11:00, through August 17.

   I sure hope you’re enjoying all your summertime fun. Let us know what ya’ll have been up to. We love to hear all your stories. Make sure that with whatever you’re doing this summer, you take time to curl up with a good book, relax, and let your imagination take you places you’ve never been.

                                                                                                                                   \   See ya soon

Miss Connie