Christmas in July has been going on at Lynn Murray Memorial Library as of late. We met on July 16 and made ornaments. The kids were able to make 4 or 5 different ornaments for their trees this year. We had wooden wreaths with sequins, popsicle Santa hats, sequins pinecones, felt trees with buttons, and pipe cleaner wreaths with beads. Some of our teens made seed bead ocean animal pins. I love how creative our kiddos are. 

    Hey, did ya hear what happened on Sunday, July 24 at Laurel Hollow? There was a Kid’s Day there in the Hollow, and Miss Connie used the Grinch’s cave and front yard area to have a little Storytime and craft making. Miss Connie read The Littlest Christmas Tree to the children and then they gathered ‘round and sang “If You’re Happy and Ya Know It,” and just as she was about to start reading a story about the Grinch, wouldn’t ya know it …..the Grinch showed up, blaring his siren and demanding they all left the premises. Well, Miss Connie wasn’t gonna allow the Grinch to ruin Kid’s Day in the Hollow, so she told the Grinch that they hadn’t bothered his cave or disturbed his property. He checked the cave just to be sure. Then he got a little ornery, as the Grinch typically does, and started tossing fabric and sticks and color pages and crayons, off the table. Miss Connie told him that if he was gonna misbehave like that, then he was going to have to leave and go back to his vacation spot until winter. With the help of the kiddos, Miss Connie was able to convince the Grinch to leave and the kiddos went on to make their rustic tree ornaments, using sticks and fabric.

    Be sure to be on the lookout for all the shenanigans going on at Lynn Murray Memorial Library. If you haven’t stopped in to see us in a while, be sure to get us on your agenda. Come find a book that will take you to places you’ve never been before.

See ya’ll soon

 Miss Connie