Jose Vega, Jr.                    Stop Sign

Jose Vega, Jr.                    VUCSA/Marijuana/Manufacture/State

Amritpal Singh                  Traffic Control Device/Failure to Obey

Amritpal Singh                  Reckless Driving

Teya Hall                            Speeding – 14 MPH over

Liam Rose                          Speeding – 10 MPH & under

Krista Faulkner                  Driving while license suspended or revoked

Krista Faulker                    Electronic communication while operating a vehicle

Lawrence Nordini             Speeding (no points)

Lawrence Nordini             Driving suspended/DUI 2nd)

Jenna Parsons                   Registration expired 30 days or less

Edward Reed                     Electronic communication device

John Spadafora, III           Registration expired 30 days or less

Tracie Washington           Registration expired

Tracie Washington           Insurance/failure to produce

Ahmad Makhdoom          Traffic control device  failure to obey

Cole McComas                  Speeding – 20 MPH over

Danielle Glover                 Speeding 10 MPH & under

Danielle Glover                 Insurance/failure to produce

Marsha Harris                   Registration – expired

Marsha Harris                   No MVI

Rebecca Hitt                      MVI-City

Katina Chafin                     Speeding – 17 MPH Over

Kathryn Morehead          Electronic device while driving

Daniel Rowland                Speeding – 13 MPH over

Daniel Rowland                OL/Suspended revoked admin. 3rd

Daniel Rowland                No MVI

Daniel Rowland                Registration expired 30 days or less

Korey Mitchum                 Speeding – 13 MPH over

Korey Mitchum                 Possession of controlled substance

Martin Moody                  Speeding 23 MPH over

Timothy Sayre                   Reckless Driving

Brandon Speece               Driving while suspended or revoked

Brandon Speece               Seatbelt violation

Kobie Booth                      Driving while license suspended or both

Francisco Fernandez        DUI

Tracie Washington           Speeding – 21 MPH over

Oren Little, II                     Discharge Firearm within 500 ft of dwelling

Kurt Duckworth                Speeding – 10 MPH & under

James Plance                     Speeding – 10 MPH & under

Evan Whitehill                   Seatbelt violation/adult

Jessica Sullivan                  Driving while license suspended or revoked

Patrick Schantz                 OL/Suspended revoked Amin 2nd

Patrick Schantz                 Driving revoked DUI

Padraic Sikora                   Speeding (10 MPH & under)

Patraic Sikora                    OL/suspended revoked admin 3rd

Ronald Hacker                  Speeding – 10 MPH & under