AND THEN AGAIN……………………by Tamara Pettit

Never thought much about “The Sound of Silence” til lately. Since my husband died, that sound is deafening. That might be why we have pets

“It’s another beating heart in the house.”  My friend, former Del. Bobbi Warner, explained to me why she traveled back and forth to Charleston during the legislative session  with her two cats so she wouldn’t be without them. Like me, she lived alone.  Unlike me, however, she saw the value of a living, breathing companion to cuddle.  I encountered too encountered the “sounds of silence” when Bill died. I’ve always been a talker who often didn’t care if anyone responded. Suddenly, the lack of dialogue seemed to echo throughout the house.  Thank God for Max,  our five-year-old king Charles Cavalier Spaniel. No, I haven’t taught him to converse with me yet,, but he barks prolifically to convey his needs to me and his short snout ensures he snores like a freight train.  Max has been confused since the death of his master and he’s lethargic.    It was always a celebration when we went to bed and Max joined us, one on each side of Max in what we called a Max sandwich.  Max would drift off to sleep while getting belly rubs and snoring like a freight train.  No more cuddle time.  It’s just me and after I climb in bed Max retreats to his master’s side of the bed  He takes seriously he need to fill the void.  My sleeplessness seems to grow in the silence until last night recognizing I needed him, Max scooted over and began snoring and I, as I began breathing in unison with his snoring fell asleep.

     We’ll be OK Max and I.    Not the same cause we know we lost a vital part of our trio.  But, we’ll be ok