AND THEN AGAIN……by Tamara Pettit

…….I have a number of issues and observations on my mind this week.  I am pleased to see how quickly Governor Justic and the Senate and House acted upon the funds for the battery plant at the old Weirton Steel Plant.  The prospect of 730 jobs in the not so distant future provides our area with a whole new atttitude and and has to infuse struggling small business people with hope. Who knows, some may expand

Delegate Mark Zatezalo who actually represents the district  in which the plant will locate, had high words of praise for the bill and the company.

On the other hands, both political pundits and reporters were scratching their heads not only trying to figure out Delegate Pat McGeehan’s opposition to the bill, but what exactly he was saying  Now that McGeehan is pursuing his doctorate, he’s become quite the academic so a portion of the speech was a lesson on the constitution(will he like the late Sen. Byrd begin to carry a pocket version in his jacket pocket?) while the other was the error of doing business with a company whose plans are to harm the U.S.  I think, but I drifted off when listening to it. I am told that when the bill was up for vote, McGeehan sat one out.

They say the devil is in the details.   The State Economic Develepment office will own the building and a deadline has been set to meet the employment level of 700 with an average salary of $63,000.00 

I am assuming Workforce West Virginia or the appropriate entity is meeting with the vocational technical schools and community colleges to ensure a work ready workforce.

But, I would assume the next part would be the more difficult part. Will the county be asked to give the plant a hiatus on taxes for the next say five years.  The schools depend heavily on their portion of that money.  Projects are funded on that money.   Hard choices.  Weirton Steel didn’t pay a B&O ttax to the City of Weirton for years in lie of a flat fee.

I know I’m not the first person to think of this, but one of the things I miss most about my late husband Bill was his enclopedic knowledge of many subject.  It is a shame he didn’t record all his knowledge so that I could look it up along with all the humerous stories he told with each occurrence.   I so miss those times when I could say “How did that agreement go down.” I am told Bethany College officials have the same problem

…..The weather has me quite flummoxed.  For understandable reason I skimmed right by Valentines Day and the sunny warm days have encouraged me to do the same with  St.  Patrick’s Day.    Nah, I’m going straight to Easter.  It’s a season of hope.  In my early writing days I invented a character Roberta Rabbit, the Easter Bunny’s wife.  Roberta went through a metamorphosis as women’s lib became a reality and she strugged to be everywhere do everything.  In retrospect I don’t know that I ever focused enough on the struggles.

…..Roberta went through grandbabies and we looked at the changes they had encountered in life and work.  Will Roberta make an appearance this year?  She’s bedraggled for sure and sad for certain.  But, I established that Roberta was your everywoman’s life living he real life so we’ll see.