The regular meeting of the Hancock County Museum Commission was called to order at 2:15 at the museum by President Vivian Weigel who also led in the pledge to the flag.

            Those attending were Vivian Weigel, Lois Carpini, Marcus Trelaine, Kathy Beagle, John Speerhas,

Alice Mitchell, and Doris Cameron.

            Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as mailed by Secretary, Doris Cameron.

            Treasurer Marcus Trelaine presented the financial report which revealed a balance of $36,730.72 in all funds as of the current date.  (Investment Acct. $9,200.26; Checking Acct. $1017.45;  Pugliese Grant $19,922.41;  Porter-Smith Gift $500.;  Savings Acct. $20,422.41;  Hancock County Commissioners Reimbursement $5950.44;  Prepaid Expenses $140.16).  Marcus also gave an up-date on the filing of federal taxes and is satisfied that all is now in orer.

            OLD BUSINESS – Vivian reported updating of the Membership list.

            NEW BUSINES – Vivian expressed sincere thanks to John and Kathy for taking down, packing and storing Christmas decorations.  This service is deeply appreciated by the membership.

            Correspondence – Vivian read a thank you note from the West Virginia Humanity Council for our membership dues of $30 and circulated a listing of their up-coming events.

            A lovely note of thanks was received from the Top of West Virginia Bureau for the Christmas Tea served here in conjunction with their tour of our facility.

            A note was received from Fr. William Metheny of the neighboring Catholic Church regarding the annual renewal of our parking lot agreement and asks that we submit a monthly schedule of planned activities at the beginning of each new month.

            Vivian noted two  out of town families have requested tours of the museum, one on March 9-10 and one in April at a date yet to be determined.  Docents have arranged.

            BUILDING AND WINDOWS – Marcus Trelaine reported Rhon Sambol has made temporary window repairs and expects to complete outdoor as soon as possible. Rohn will also be up-dating the window replacement estimate soon.

            Vivian is preparing a grant to be submitted this month for the window project and has asked for approximately five letters of recommendation;  P.J. Zuros, George Hines, Mayor Will White, and Ann Blankenship have been selected to this task.  Erin Chek who recommended we apply for the grant has written the 1st letter of support, which was signed by all three Hancock County Commissioners.

            Plans are being made to continue our Summer Lecture Series beginning In May.

            Before adjournment Marcus announced the Chamber of Commerce of Southern Columbiana County and surrounding areas extends an invitation to our museum to attend their meeting on Saturday, May 25, 2023 at the newly renovated Masonic Temple in East Liverpool, Ohio.

            Our next meeting will be held at 2:00 PM at the museum on April 5, 2023;  visitors and interested folks are always welcome.

Respectfully submitted,