AND THEN AGAIN…….By Tamara Pettit

It’s time to step it up!  We’ve have pretty good success with our digital publication.   We’ve improved the layout.   We’ve added areas (at your suggestion) that bring your news you want.   Going digital means that when we get a news release or alert I’m on it.   You can get that news immediately…….not once a week …..not even once a day…..iimmediately.

So we have  changed our name to HOMETOWN DAILY.

Times change and circumstances change.   For the past three years we’ve produced the paper while dealing with my husband’s cancer treatment and it has been an enormous challenge.  Since his passing Dec. 15, my mind has been in a fog, but as the fog begins to lift I began to think of all the improvements that could be made.  I wondered what YOU would like to see improved, changed or implemented now that I have the time to devote myself fully to the publication and I know there’s a few things I’ve already targeted:

Improve the accessibility so with one touch you have all the news;

Work with the computer-challenged so that they can access the publication;

More investigative articles (can you tell I already have something in mind)

More human interest stories;

More emphasis on our schools;

What’s going on in our neighborhoods?

Feature  once again our history in a column..

We know you have ideas.   Would you like to have the obituaries as we receive them or in a special section:

Tell us what you want?   Send your suggestions to [email protected]    We’re looking forward tp hearing from you.