A multi-faceted report on the JDRIV CareerCenter was provided to the Board of Education by Dan Enich, CTE/Adult Ed Director. Enich introduced the JDR4CC Teacher of the Year Elizabeth Walsh and Service Personnel of the Year Tammy Null. He lauded the accommplishments of the Skills USA Award winner: Gold Medalists, Megan Fisher, medical terminology and RJ Guthrie motorcycle service techology. Fisher received a $1,000 scholarship. Silver medalists were Michael Bolinger, deisel equipment tech, who received a $8,000 unoh scholarship, and Onaleigh Eddy, Health Occupation Professional Portfolio. Also Keirsten Davis, Natalia Vella and Gage Groetzinger, chapter display, Annebelle Pickering, Ian Rogers, Caitlyn Pedrotti and Skyler Kuhn, Entrpreneurship.

Bronze Medalists were Aubrey Stoica, job skills: CPR; Anthony Ensminger; CPR First Aid; and Carly Heizler, nursing assistant.

Enich pointed out the improvement in high school completion numbers among those students who had chosen to attend JDR in 2016-17 (64) rising consistently 96 projected for this year.

Enich outlined the career programs and said that a reverse job would be held April 25. Employers in need of certain skills come to the schools to talk to graduating seniors about a job. Thirty-tw employers are set to attend

The Board decided it will set 5:30 p.m. for next year’s Board meetings beginning in July. The school calendar for next year has been submitted for consideration to the State, Superintendent Petrovich said she will make the calendar public once it is officially approved.

Whether of not now is the time to discuss problems with Oak Glen’s Softball Field turn was discussed, Board President Chris Gillette though the issue should wait until the conclusion of Weir High Sport’s Complex so the Board has an idea of what finances are available,, Board Vice President said the issue could be discussed now, The Oak Glen field will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting.