The fate of improvements to Oak Glen baseball/ softball complex will be discussed at a work session slated for Monday. Although “discussion and possible action to begin the process for installation of the turf and lighting at Oak Glen Field of Dreams” was listed under “Unfinished business”, the Board decided to discuss it along with the timeline for completion of the Weirton High  baseball project.

Under new business on the agenda, the board was to see the final plans for the baseball facility at Weir that included JT Sauers & Associates providing the BOE with a conceptual/feasibility drawing of the seating, plaza area, batting cage, bull pens, entrance gating and press box that were not included in the McKinley plan. Superintendent Dawn Petrovich said she had just received the plans at 4 p.m. prior to the meeting and the Board had not been given ample time to review them. The plans will be discussed at the work session.

Although the issues can be discussed in a free and open forum, no decisions or votes can be taken during a work session..

Bpth teachers and support personnel were recognized for t their outstanding efforts in the

Teacher of the Year” and “Support [ERSONNAL OF THE Year”

One teacher from the nonminees was chosen.  That teacher will represent Hancock County at the State Level.   Andrew Bellevage of Weir High was selected as Hancock County Teacher of the year.  Nonominees included Natalie Hall, Alllison Elementary; Megan Dunlevy, New Manchester Elementary, Donna Carnes, Weirton Elementary; Karisa Harr, Weir Middle; Jennifer Cooper, Oak Glen Middle;  Wendy Zinn, Oak Ghlen High and Elizabeth Walsh, John. D. Rockefeller iv.

Trudy McAvoy of New Mancheser was recognized as Supporrt Perssonnel of the yYear for Hancock County.   Also nominated was Theresa Barnhart, Alllison Elementary, Kristen Bowman-Croaa, Weirton Elementary; Daniel Roberts, Weir Middle;  Dorotha Dawson, Oak Glen Miiddle, Christina Smith, Weir High;Lorie Bryan, Oak Glen High; Tammy Null, John D. Rockefeller IV; and Jamie Jenkins, Transportation.

In other business, the Board:

**Accepted the resignation of Kristen Cain, Multi-Categorical/Autism, Oak Glen High; Kelsie Roberts, English teacher, Weir Middle; Samantha Lash, Band teacher, Weir High/Weir Middle;

**Approved Brian Hissam as Assistant Boys’ Basketball coach;

**Approved the following transfers: Josh Weltner, head football, Oak Glen Middle to assistant football, Oak Glen High; Garret Railing, head wrestling, Oak Glen Middle, to assistant wrestling, Weir High; Dallas Brewer, assistant boys’ soccer, Oak Glen High; to Head boys; soccer, Oak Glen High; Ray Six, assistant girls’ basketball, Oak Glen High (unpaid) to assistant girls’ basketball, Oak Glen High; Jaylon Bridges, assistant football (unpaid), Weir High, to assistant football, Weir High.

**Adam Davis will be transferred from Assistant Football, Oak Glen Middle, to Head Football, Oak Glen Middle;


**Patrick McGillan, strength & conditioning for Oak Glen High; Ken Keller, head girls’ tennis, Oak Glen High; Girls Soccer Oak Glen High -Bill Watts, head, Jaison Polly, asst. Anthony Santangelo, asst; Cheerlearleading, Oak Glen High – Debbie Fish, head, Jennifer Snider, Megan White and Lonna Flowers; Golf, Oak Glen High – Joe Provenzano, head, Rick Provenzano, asst., Trey Smith, asst.; Cross Country, Oak Glen High, Lindsey Spilecki and Bonnie Wiley; Swimming, Oak Glen High, Brandis Kosonovich, head, and Talia Kosonovich, asst. Boys’ Basketball – Gerald Everly, assistant Jason Wiley; Girls Basketball – HeadRyan Wells; assistant Ashley Tharp; Wrestling head- Josh Cornel, assistants Robert Bozek, Ty Logston, Frank Crain, Brandon Miller; Boys’ Track – Head Joshua Weltner, assistant Travis Simpson, Rance Everly, Richard Everly; Girls Track – Head Ashley Tharp, assistant Erin Malcomb, Assistant – Steve McConnachie; Baseball head Eric Hayden, assistants – Robert Bozek, Ty Logston, Mark McHaffie, Mark Shenton, TJ Miller; Girls’ Basketball – Head Sherri Garner; Assistants – Rhonda Stipec, Sara Wright, Stephanie Fidak, Rachael Wright McKay; Girls Volleyball – Head Morgan Saddler, assistants Julie Zoellars, Ray Six; ; Boys’ Tennis – Head Brooke Provenzano, assistant Jonathan Velegol

**Oak Glen Middle appointments included: Football Assistant, Scott Little; Boys Basketbal Head – Ken McElhaney, Asst., Jake McElhaney; Girls Basketball – Dan Lawrence – assistant; Wrestling – Mitch Wilson, assistant; Ryan Pasco, assistant; Boys’ track – Richard Gibson, Head, Adam Davis, assistant; Girls’ Track – Diane Wells, head; Ryan Wells, assistant; Volleyball – Michelle McHaffie, head, Mitch Wilson, asst. and Mark McHaffic, asst.; Archery ; Jennifer Hardy and Robert Conant, co-heads. cheerleading – Laci Growe, head.

**Weir High appointments included: Strength & Conditioning – Frank Sisinni; Football – Head Frank Sissini, Assistants -David Cowden, John Leary, Quinton Smith, Tom Taylor, Matthew DiAngelis; Assistant unpaid/volunteer Terri Sissini and Gerard Spencer; Boys’ Basketball – Head – Anthony Santangelo, Assistant -Dylan Cassiadoro, Unpaid volunteer assistants – Larry Hood and Daniel McWhorter; Girls’ Basketball – Head – Richard Stead; Assistant – Raegan Stead, unpaid Volunteer – Case Wills; Wrestling -Head – Tom Taylor, Assistants unpaid/volunteeers – Perry Miotlowski, Shawn Young, Chase Wills; Boys’ Track head – Tom Taylor, assistant Sarah Marie Young, unpaid/volunteer -Gerard Spencer, Shawn Young; Girls’ Track – Head Jeffrey Leweis- unpaid/volunteer assistants – Monica Martich, Dan Mastrantoni, Dan Spickard; Baseball – Head- David Cowden- Assistants -Rodney Rosnick, Ron Cross, Assistant unpaid volunteer -Perry Miotlowski; Girls’ Softball Head – John Leary, Assistants – Joe Aperfine, Jenna Wilson; Girls Volleyball Head Francesca Capaldi, assistant Ashleigh Kaufman; Golf – Head – Lucas Flaus, Assistant unpaid/volunteer Steven Kettler; Boys’ Tennis Head Constantina Hajioannou, Assistant, Aaron Velegol; Girls’ Tennis – Head Steven Kettler; Cross- Country Head Jeffrey Lewis, Assistant Unpaid/volunteer Sarah-Maire Young; Boys’ Soccer – Head Chris LeFever, Assistants George Martich and Charles Tenagalio; Girls’ Soccer – Head – Jeremy Angelo,Kristin Malinowski and Brian Pietro; Swimming – Head Jason Bennett, assistant Claire Stewart; Cheerleading – Head Macey Gump; assistant Lexus Ficca;; Asst. unpaid/volunteer Taelor Frankhouser; Bowling Head Bob Babinchak, Assistant unpaid volunteer Charlie Whitman, athletic trainer John Hollister.

Weir Middle School: Football assistants Randy Kernan, Ryan Scott, Scott Cook, Unpaid Volunteer Rick Stead; Volleyball assistants – Jeff Lamp, Jenna Wilson; Girls’ Basketball – Joseph Jimboy, Jessica Naughton; Wrestling – assistant Stan Robinson and David DeFelice; Boys’ Track – George Martich; Girls’ Track – Monica Martich, Natalie Simich and Cheerleading assistant Kim Trushel.


Oak Glen Middle – Chorus – Bethany Fernbaugh; Band- Kimberly Smith; Yearbook – Syndney Wagstaff’ Student Council -Mandy McGeehan; Technology Site – Rick Brown.

Weir Middle – Yearbook – Stacy Riggs; Builders Club – Stacy Riggs; We Take a Stand – Michael Schockley; Technology Site – Eric Olson’

Oak Glen High – Band – Wendy Zinn; Chorus – Wendy Zinn; Yearbook – Tina Viakely; Science Club – Jennifer Patterson; Student Council – Adam Howell; Pep Club – Trisha Enochs; Key Club – Patrick McGillian; National Honor Society Co-Sponsor – Amanda McKinney; National Honor Society Co-Sponsor – Elissa Greathouse; Masque & Sword – Lindsey Spilecki; Culture Club – Michelle Bernardi; Art Club – Elissa Greathouse,iPlay Director – Lindsey Spilecki. Senior Class – Cynthia Nelson, Elissa Greathouse, Amanda McKinney; Junior Class – Julie Zoellars, Kelly Staley; Sophomore Class – Michelle Bernardi, Adam Howell; Freshman Class – Trisha Enochs

Weir High

Play Director – Emily Hores; Student Council – Gavin Koratich; Yearbook – Morgan Bricker; Newspaper, Betty Smith-Montgomery; National Honor Society – Betty Smith Montgomery; Academic Games – Betty Smith-Montgomery; Drama Club – Corey Miller; Future Business Leaders of America – Tina Viakely; NTHS -Kristen Palavis; GAA – Sarah Alkire; Dance Club- Co-Sponsor -Kristin Palavis; Co-Sponsor – Kristin Bowman-Cross; Class of 2024 sponsor – Jristen Malinoski and Natalie Charlton; Class of 2025 Co-/Sponsors -Jason Bennett, Natalie Charlton; Class of 2026 – Emily Hores and Michelle Petrella.

Rockefeller Career Center – Skills USA- Elizabeth Walsh-