Ooooooh my !!! What an amazing time we had at our Afternoon Tea Party. In our party hats, we got to watch replays of the Coronation of the King, have our Tea Party, and then head off to the Debry. What a full day.

   Upon arrival, the guests were greeted and seated by gentlemen, Joe and Jake Doughty. Guests enjoyed working on a tea party word search and preparing their BINGO cards, while waiting on everyone to arrive. Several flavors of tea were served, along with sandwiches and desserts.  We played BINGO and a quick game of Teabag Toss. Have you ever played that game? 

   All who were in attendance, went home with their own teacup and saucer, a bookmark, and a crocheted teacup, as a favor. The guests enjoyed themselves so much, they asked for a Holiday Tea. So, looks like we’ll be planning that.  Be on the lookout for more information on it.

   We want to thank Margie and Peggy for all your Fiesta Ware for the tables. It made them absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Shannon and the Fiesta Tableware Company for the teacups and saucers.  To my boys, you did a fine job serving and tending to our guests.  And to my staff, I couldn’t do anything that I do here, without your help. To all of our guests…a huge THANK YOU for coming and spending your afternoon with us.

                                                                                    Miss Connie