The Hancock County School Board recognized teachers who were retiring in 2023. Those who were in attendance and are pictured include John Pennaccio, Tracy Ohalek and Denise. Other retiring teachers who were not in attendance included Sonja Byers, Steve Cashdollar and Gail Martin.

Personnel action taken by the Board at the Meeting included the following:

**Resignations were accepted for Leah Reasbeck, Multi-Categorical Autism, Weir Middle School; Sydney Cromp, grade 3, Weirton Elementary; Autumn Staszak, school counselor, alternative-learning center; and Kelly Rine, PE teacher;

**A transfer was approved from Kathleen Nail from Secondary Teacher, alternative learning center, to IEP specialist/pre K itinerant, countywide;

**Coaching resignations were accepted from Monica Martich, assistant girls’ Track, Weir Middle; Natalie Simich, assistant girls’ Track, Weir Middle; and Taelor Fankhouser, assistant cheerleading coach, Weir High.

** Votes were split on whether to approve the Oak Glen Coaching team which included Douglas Taylor, head coach, and assistants Scott Pryor, Ray Pernell, Joseph Petrovich and Danny Rovira. Both Larry Shaw and Ed Fields voted against the approval with Jim Horsteman, Gerard Spencer and Chris Gillette voting in favor;

**The resignation of Mandy McGeehan as Student Council Sponsor was approved.

**Also approved were the following assignments for the 2023 Summer SOLE program, effective Monday June 5 and ending Friday June 23.


**Andrew Romitti – Teacher (Multi-categorical Autism)

**Susan Mastrantoni – PreK-Special Needs and Jennifer Sanner Pre-K Special Needs;

**Jackie Fodor and Jennifer Curtis – Kindergarten

**Ashely Pietrangelo and Natalie Simich (grade 1)

**Donna Carnes and Kathleen Barrett (grade 2)

**Shauna Musulin and Ashley Orwaskey (grade 3)

**Erin Basil and Mary Ann Petrelle (Grade 4)

**Kathleen Nail and Brandy Smith (Multi-Categorical Autism)

**Sarah Howells – Reading Specialist


**Kristeen Kuntupis and Jodi Fidler (grade 5)

**Amy Durkin and Shiela Kendrick (Grade 6)


**Alisa Hannah and Andrew Bellevage – teacher credit recovery


**Jennifer Molish and Andrew Bellevage – teacher credit recover


**Carrie Gillette – Teacher Multi-Categorical Autism

**Lace Hinzman – Speech-Language Pathologist

**Joy Mitchell – Occupational Therapist

**Kyna Maradei – BCBA

**Michell Elias – Physical Therapist

**Mallory Markwicz – Storybook Cafe