June 7, 2023

               The regular meeting of the Hancock County Museum Commission was called to order at 2:00 PM at the museum with President Vivian Weigel leading the pledge to the flag.

               Due to the absence of the Secretary minutes of the previous meeting deferred to the next meeting.

               Treasurer, Marcus Trelaine presented the financial statement which was placed on file for audit.

               He further reported the 2021 taxes have been redone and submitted.  An extension has been filed for 2021 taxes and they will be submitted on time.

               A new lawn maintenance person has been engaged offering a lower rate.

               Marcus was authorized to submit reimbursements for June to commissioners .

               A gift of a penny postcard from about 1910 featuring the swimming pool at Rock Springs Park was received from Alvin Schaut of Wisconsin. Acknowledgement will be sent by the secretary.

               Vivian reported on the Memorial Day Parade noting Lois, Vivian, and Nikki Graham decorated her car with flags, banners and sparkles.  The parade was very well received and everyone enjoyed the day.

               A note of thanks will be sent to Laura Greathouse for supplying new flowers for the museum and with the help of Nikki and Jonathan Graham they have been  planted and look beautiful.  Their plan Is to do some further landscaping and add fencing around the roses in front of the porch.

               John Speerhas hosted a tour of the museum this past week with Candy Porter, a great-great granddaughter of Captain John Porter of New Cumberland. Several pieces of Porter Family memorabilia grace the museum.   A very generous donation accompanied many thanks for a delightful experience.

               The June 18th lecture will feature Nick J. Gallias, sharing “The Magic of Magicians”.  Kathy Beagle will oversee publicity in newspapers and on facebook.  Alice will make signs and posters.

               The July 16th program will feature Fr. John Neiman bringing stories of Anne Frank and family sharing the dark years of THE HOLOCAUST.

               The August 20th program will feature Jean Czernek of Weirton sharing her pet parrot,” Vito”, a blue/green macaw.

               The meeting in July is suspended due to the holiday.

               The business of the day being completed the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Cameron (et al.)