Two top administrative positions were approved by the Hancock County Board of Tuesday’s special meeting.

  Dave Smith was named Assistant Superintendent while Edson (Ted) Arneault was named the new Weir High Head Principal. 

    Smith, an educator with 30 years experience in the Hancock County School system, most recently served as Oak Glen Principal. 

      Arneault, was serving as Weirton Elementary Assistant Principal.   Prior to that time he was a teacher at Oak Glen High School while serving as the school’s Head Football Coach.

     The Oak Glen principal position will now be posted. Also approved were

**Jodi Fidler, Title I Reading Assistant, New Manchester Elementary;

** Ron Anderson, Art Teacher, Oak Glen High,

** Syndney Dawson, Multi-Categorical/Autism, Allison Elementary;

**Savannah Weaver, Grade 2, New Manchester Elementary;

**Morgan Tennant, School Counselor, Weir Middle;

**Kelsey Stewart, Multi-Categorical/Autism, Weirton Elementary

The Board approved the above assignments on a 4 to 1 vote with Larry Shaw   voting no.

Other personnel action approved:

**Clayton Flowers, Assistant Football, Oak Glen;

***Trish Barile, substitute aide;

**Erin Harvey, Secretary II, Weirton Elementary;

**Arthur L. Watson, Jr. to Supervisory Aide/AM, K-4, Weirton Elementary;

**Laryssa Jankowski, Supervisory Aide/AM, K-4, Weirton Elementary;;

**Thomas Buffington, Supervisory Aide/AM, K-4, Weirton Elementary;;

**Melinda Gruda, Superviory Aide/AM, K-4, Weirton Elementary;

**Ashley Boyce, Supervisory Aide/AM, K-4, Weirton Elementary;;

**Debra Murphy, Supervisory Aide, Pre-K, Weirton Elementary;

**Rabeka Rowland, Supervisory Aide, Pre-K, Weirton Elementary’

Tranfers approved included:

**Linda Nicoles from Supervisory Aide II-IV AM, K-4, Weirton Elementary to Supervisory Aide II-IV AM, New Manchester Elementary;

**Rieko Takara – Cook III, Weirton Elementary to Cook III, Central Kitchen;

**Bethany Cowart Supervisory Aide II=IV/AM,, K-4 Classroom, Weirton Elementary to  Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT, Grade 1, New Manchester Elementary;

**Jolynn Mark, secretary JDRIV Career Center, to Executive Secretary, Board Office Superintendent’s office