AND THEN AGAIN… Tamara Pettit

…..My Mom used to say she could feel fall in the air.  Don’t know what she meant, maybe it was the smell of woodsmoke.  I know for me it’ll be the sound of the Oak Glen Bears on Friday nights. From my side porch, I can hear the announcer and the band now that the field is at Oak Glen.

…..A contingent of upset, but exceedingly polite dog owners came to the County Commission to discuss the dog park.   The dog park has not only become a place for dogs to socialize, but their owners, many of whom are elderly or alone.    Friendships have been made and the group has brought lawn chairs into the area so that they can sit and chat while the dogs play, They’ve also added a small swimming pool for the dogs to cool off.  I did not see it but I guess the area was looking unkempt and Commissioners gave the go ahead to remove everything that didn’t belong.

……..The dog owners said they weren’t notified by letter or in person and felt they should have been made aware. They asked for a meeting with the Commissioners to talk about putting some seating in the area,   Hope they can work it out.  Shannon and I have taken Max and Rooney there and enjoyed the group who used the time to socialize,  I wonder, since we don’t have a coffee shop in New Manchester or New Cumberland if perhaps the dog park/coffee shop could be a project

……..Fall winds also bring change and in HOMETOWN NEWS it means making us more accessible, improving our marketing and offering you additional. content.  Granddaughter Abbi Elliott is coming on board to take on the marketing.  While I love to write and do the content and Shannon does a great job administering the Facebook page, Abbi is up to date on the most current marketing techniques.  She graduated from West Liberty in the Honor’s Program with a degree in business administration and an emphasis in marketing.  She is also the mother of Madilynn 21/2 and Emelia aka “Sissy” is 6 months.   Shannon is Mimi; I am Nana,  We all know our roles and I am more than excited that our venture is women- owned and operated and expanding to include more generations of women.

…..We had our first business meeting and brunch Friday.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves.    After we had quiche and fruit salad,  , we brought out the laptop and the charts and Abbi handed the baby to Shannon and we gave Madilynn stickers to keep her occupied as her Abbi started going through the ideas.   Abbi and I were intense as we decided who would do what and assigned deadlines.  At one point Abbi looked at Shannon and said “did you get that”

……We heard a muffled “uh huh”  and Abbi asked Shannon to then to repeat it, when Shannon said “Babee haf hands n my mof squeezing my cheeks.”     Sure enough the little tyke has stuffed both her hands inside Shannon’s mouth leaving the thumbs outside and was squeezing her Mimi’s cheeks like she was kneading bread..  With her other two hands holding onto this baby and Madeline putting stickers on every visible part of her face and arms Shannon was virtually held captive.   We called a pause in our meeting to come to Shannon’s rescue. I anticipate these meeting as being a little out of the norm, but good content for my column.