AND THEN AGAIN…………by Tamara Pettit

………..Is the mark of a leader one who has a vision?  It’s more. I think that a leader also needs to be able to make others not only see that vision, but embrace it.  If former superintendent Suzan Smith hadn’t had the vision for a baseball and softball fields on campus and got others excited about it, Oak Glen’s  “Fields of Dreams” might not have happened.  Superintendent Dan Enich recognized what Smith’s commitment to the project Oak Glen meant and spearheaded the movement to name the field the Suzan Smith Fields of Dreams.  Kudos to Enich for recognizing Smith’s contribution and many, many thanks to Smith for having the tenacity to make the project a reality.

……Those that knew Sue knew that she dedicated her life to the school and its students.  They also knew that once she decided on a course of action she could not be deterred..  

……In accepting the award, Smith said “So glad you got my name correct,” (I had to go back and correct my headline.   I spelled Suzan with an S.)  “AT OGHS I was known as Sargent Smith.  When I become superintendent I became “that damn Smith.”  On Facebook they would say” what is that damn Smith up to now” or “they are calling for snow and ice tomorrow and that damn Smith has not called a 2-hour delay.”

……Like most effective leaders, Smith recognized that if she was doing her job someone was going to be upset with and she forged ahead to do the right thing for the students.

….I remember the Field of Dreams campaign.  Oak Glen had a tough time coming together  as one school for the baby boomers who clung to our individual schools of Newell, New Cumberland and Chester. As we would watch our kids and grandkids go to Oak Glen the divide would begin to be less and less.

    The Fields of Dreams was a unifying symbol and Sue was smart to get the buy in from the community.  If my memory serves me correctly, Commissioner Jeff Davis chaired the committee to raise the money to build it.  I remember his son, Joey Davis raising money for the arch.   The community came together and and the Field of Dreams became a reality. And, in building those fields we Sue Smith was also the catalyst for us building something else……a sense of unity.