AND THEN AGAIN………by Tamara Pettit

I’ve sighted the enemy…….It is us and by us I mean the media.  I  never thought I’d say that.  The media was the harbinger of truth.  Writing fact-based articles quoting both sides and keeping their personal opinion to themselves..  Just like every defendant is entitled to a non= biased jury, every reader is entitled to the truth….or as close as we could get.   Heck, we were the good guys and I was proud that in this small publication I brought you unbiased stories. (Not talking about my column which tells you how I really feel,)

But the national media has become “mean girls” as they go out of their way to vilify President Joe Biden with regards to whether or not he has dementia and they’re doing it through photos. Any member of the media knows that the picture paints more than half the story.   I can make him sad, mean, incompetent, confused and yes, not quite together depending on what photo I chose to feature from the many shots which are taken each day of him. Joe Biden’s face does not reflect his capacity to lead and I can see some photojournalist gleefully clicking to a headshot and saying “OK, we got it. Looks like he’s drooling in this shot!

Like everyone else, I am really concerned about Joe Biden’s fitness to serve.  This is not the time to let his staff or his wife cover for him like Nancy Reagan did for her husband when he developed Alzhimers. Biden, himself, should offer to be tested and if tests reveal his cognitive abilities are compromised, then he should step down. If not, the media needs to get back to the business of reporting in an unbiased manner.

……..Before the first leaf hits the ground, political campaigns are already beginning in anticipation of the January filing.  Sen. Ryan Weld has already announced his campaign for attorney general leaving his 1st District Senate Seat wide open.   2nd District Del. Mark Zatezalo announced his intent to run for the State Senate to fill Weld’s place at a press conference held at the Serbian Picnic Ground.  While other TV and Media were invited,, Hometown News was not.

……There may be a reason for that. Zatezalo knows we exists because we had e-mail exchanges about the amendment he supported which took 1% of the County’s racetrack video lottery net terminal revenue and gave it to New Cumberland and Chester and his claims to Hancock County Commission that he had no knowledge of that happening.. I posed questions through e-mail which he promised to answer so his constituents would know what happened. No response.. Still waiting.

…….And I am not alone. Reports from the teachers unions about unanswered calls and e-mails have been the subject of conversation countless times. Zatezalo operates in a vacuum in which the only opinion that counts is his own so why bother to talk to those who put him in office.

Zeteszalo’s strategy is simple.  By putting his name out early he hopes to keep other candidates out of the race;   He’s hoping that his name recognition, deep campaign coffers, and already established voter base will scare away candidates. Let’s hope those constituents and groups who have waited for a response from him come up with a candidate to challenge him I know I’ll be looking for someone.

………I wonder if age will be an issue in the Circuit Court Judge race when Brooke County Prosecutor Joe Barkii challenges 1st Circuit Judge Ron Wilson. Wilson, who is in his eighties has served on the bench for 30 years. I received an e-mail invitation from Attorney Alllyson Cowden for a “Meet the Candidate”rally for Barkii.

…….New Magistrate Steve Svokas was sworn in last week. Svokas replaces Magistrate Mike White who retired. Magistrate Amica Petteway was also sworn in earlier when Magistrate Scott Hicks resigned. Both Magistrates will have to run for their positions in the upcoming May primary.