Welcome back after summer! We have a couple of things happening with the Alumni with the new school year. LIGHT UP THE BEAR NIGHT IS FIRST. As in previous years we will be asking for donation to light up our Bear’s Den as soon as possible. How do we do that? By collection of $1,000. If 100 people would just give $10 we could easily reach our goal by our second home game. We will be collecting in the stands at home games or you can mail to OG High School in care of Alumni. You can also give to Dave Foltz, Don Foltz, Bill or Diane Wells and Leslie or Ed Fields. We try to support programs in the school that do not have large fund raising groups or boosters.

This year the donation will go to the OG SCIENCE DEPARTMENT. Budgets sometimes don’t cover the extra equipment that would make a program just that much better. This donation would allow for that extra equipment to expand student