(Weirton, WV) – Officials with the Weirton United Way announced today plans to formally
dissolve local operations and transition local fundraising to the United Way of Upper Ohio
Don Gianni, Weirton United Way Board Chair announced, “The Weirton United Way has been a
fixture in the community for decades but with the decline in population, increasing operational
expenses and overall decline in charitable giving, our Board determined the best option to
maintain services was to dissolve current operations. This decision came after months of
thoughtful discussion and consideration. We realize the long history the United Way has had in
this community, but our goal was to ensure a continued presence in the Weirton Community,
serving those residents most in need. By working with the Ohio Valley United Way to assume
fundraising efforts for the Weirton Community, there will be a long-term plan for the United
Way in Weirton.”
The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley, headquartered in Wheeling, is the primary agency
covering Belmont County in Ohio along with West Virginia counties of Brooke, Ohio, Marshall,
Tyler, and Wetzel. The agreement will add Hancock County to their primary service area.
Staci Stephen, Executive Director of the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley added, “Our
board is excited to be adding Hancock County to our service area. This expansion will allow us
to partner with even more great agencies who are providing life-changing services in our
community. To make sure services continue uninterrupted, we will be placing a permanent
office with dedicated staff in the Weirton community. We look forward to continuing the great
work of the United Way for Hancock residents.”
Gianni concluded, “We are in the process of notifying agencies of this dissolution which will be
effective December 1, 2023. Part of the process was to designate specific funding so each
current Weirton United Way agency will continue to receive their existing funding allocation for
the next 24 months. This will allow agencies to plan accordingly and make application to the
new allocation process by the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley.”