Ghosts and goblins set your Halloween festivities calendar to include the Lions Club annual Halloween Party at the venerable Community House following trick or treating (about 7:15). Candy will be given out and door prizes will be awarded, The costume competition will take place in the following categories: 0-2; 3 – 5 and 6 – 8. Not to be left out, adults will wear costumes and be judged on their costume as well.

The New Cumberland Lions have been hosting the youngsters at the Halloween Party as far back as I can remember (1953) and in my mind’s eye I can still see Bill Murray, Cecil Jones, Ray Ewing and my Dad, John D. Herron handing out treats and making sure the kids had a memorable time. It’s a testament to the volunteers and the Lions that the Lions have continued to pass the mantle to a generation of volunteers for as many years as they have. That’s what makes hometowns so special