Join Hancock County 4-H
In Hancock County, the 4-H program is making waves by offering a unique and enriching experience for children and teens both in school and out of school. Aimed at empowering youth between the ages of 9 and 21, 4-H is not just a club; it’s a platform for personal development, community engagement, and hands-on learning. For the younger ones eager to join the fun, Cloverbud activities are available for youth ages 5-8. The early exposure to hands-on learning sets the stage for a lifelong love of exploration and discovery.
Hands-On Learning, Leadership, and Fun
At the core of 4-H’s success is its commitment to hands-on learning and leadership development. Children participating in 4-H engage in projects that go beyond traditional learning environments. Whether it’s raising animals, diving into STEM activities, exploring the arts, or leading community service initiatives, 4-H instills a sense of responsibility and resilience in its participants. “4-H is more than just an extracurricular activity. It’s a pathway for our youth to develop essential life skills, forge lasting friendships, and become active, engaged members of our community,” remarked WVU Extension Agent, Zach White. “The hands-on experiences and mentorship provided by 4-H create a foundation for success that extends well beyond the program.”
Community Clubs: Building Connections, Creating Leaders
Joining a 4-H club is the first step towards unlocking the potential within. Hancock County has several exciting clubs, each offering a unique experience:

  1. The River Rockets 4-H Club: Launching Dreams, Fostering Creativity.
  2. The Newellies 4-H Club: Nurturing Talent, Building Character.
  3. The Sundowners 4-H Saddle Club: Riding Towards Excellence, One Hoofbeat at a Time.
  4. The Teen Leaders Club: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today.
    Hancock County Extension Contact Information
    If you are interested in joining 4-H in Hancock County or interested in learning more about out school enrichment programming, please contact the Hancock County Extension Office for more information or email our Extension Agent, Zach White at [email protected]: