MY CHRISTMAS MEMORY by Rosemary Mackall


We’re fortunate to have Rosemary Thomas Mackall share her Christmas memories in the Chester and East Liverpool areas throughout the years.

While every Christmas is special, there are a few that stand out in my mind.  Even though I am 83-years-old,  I remember them like it was yesterday   With four children in our family,  we weren’t showered with individual gifts  rather those that could be shared like Lincoln Logs, Monopoly and Checkers.  We didn’t own a car in the 40’s and the most exciting memory I have is bundling up in our warmest clothes and walking from Vine Street to the Y Vodrey lot on Bradshaw Avenue  where the Giant Eagle Store is today in East Liverpool to pick out our Christmas tree from Mr. Smith.  He would deliver it the very next day.  One year it was very snowy, but we found our tree wrapped in rope to keep the branches safe.  Mr Smith assured us it would be safe so Daddy and Mom put the tree in its stand, still wrapped and then they cut the rope loose.  We had a coal furnace at the time and it was toasty warm in the house and as the branches loosened the tree got bigger and bigger.  The table had to be moved to accommodate the tree.

In 1946, my twin brother and sister had their tonsils removed during the Thanksgiving break from school so they would be well by Christmas.  Unfortunately, several weeks after surgery my brother became very sick.  He was in isolation at the hospital and doctors were not certain if he had encephalitis or polio.  My parents spent very many hours at the hospital and there was no trip to see Santa that year.

Fast forward to 1954 and we had a car!  It was a gift from Daddy’s uncle Billy in Martin’s Ferry who had left it to Daddy in his will.  For the first time, we all got in the car and headed for Park Avenue.  All Those huge homes were decorated with thousands of lights and the ooohs and aaahs with the theme.  They were just beautiful.

Memories of my daughter at seven months old in the first white snowsuit going to the Christmas parade.  For many years she had to wait for her Aunt Artis and Uncle Paul to get to the house, before she was allowed to come downstairs to see what Santa had brought her as Uncle Paul had his trusty camera to capture the magic moments.

nts And now my two granddaughters and three great grandchildren are remembering their own special Christmases.  I hope when they are my age they will remember special times during the Christmas seasons as I have kept them in my mind and in my heart all these years.  Merry Christmas to all