Judge Ron Wilson’s impressive record and commitment to justice make him the overwhelming candidate for re-election in the 1st Judicial Circuit of West Virginia. With his extensive experience and accolades, voters have compelling reasons to support him.

His dedication to serving the community, exemplified by his voluntary work presiding over all of West Virginia’s asbestos-related cases for the past 20 years, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to insure that victims and their families receive the justice they deserve. His decision to forgo compensation for this additional service underscores his integrity and genuine concern for the well-being of everyone that appears in his court.

Judge Wilson’s background, as the son of steelworkers, provides him with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by working-class families. His ties to the community, coupled with his professional achievements, make him a trusted and respected leader in the judicial system.

Moreover, his track record of leadership within the legal community, including serving as Chairman of West Virginia’s Judicial Investigation Commission and receiving prestigious awards such as the Fred Stamp Award for Judicial Excellence, further solidifies his qualifications for re-election.

Endorsements from organizations including the Ohio Valley Building and Construction Trades,   International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #141, laborers, boilermakers,  bricklayers, carpenters, ironworkers, operating engineers, painters, plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters, sheet metal workers and roofers highlight Judge Wilson’s support among key stakeholders in the community.

Overall, Judge Ron Wilson’s combination of experience, integrity, and dedication to justice  and the Rule of Law makes him an outstanding candidate for re-election, and voters in the 1st Judicial Circuit of West Virginia can be confident in his continued service on the bench.