State Senate Race – District 1

Two candidates are vying for the 1st District Senate Seat. Incumbent Sen. Ryan Weld and challenger Scott Adams.

Ryan Weld

Son of Roseanna Filberto and the late William Weld, step-son of Tony Filberto; graduate of Brooke High School, Fairmont State University, and the Duquesne University School of Law; lives in Wellsburg with his wife, Alex. 

As your senator, I have the honor and the responsibility to make certain that your voice is heard in Charleston, and to make sure that when you need my assistance, I answer your call.  Throughout my time in the Senate, I have spent a significant amount of my time focusing on three issues: veterans issues, substance abuse, and mental health.  As an Air Force veteran and chair of the Senate Military Committee, it’s important to me to serve those who have served and help make West Virginia as veteran-friendly of a place as possible. 

As a former prosecutor, I am all too aware of the addiction problem our state faces, and have worked hard to address this through both the law enforcement and access to treatment perspectives.  There is hardly a family in West Virginia that hasn’t been affected by drug abuse – this is a very real issue that nearly all of us have encountered in one way or another.  And that is why I’ve made it a priority.  From my perspective, we can do all of the legal reform, tax reform, and regulatory reform that we want, but if we cannot show an employer who wants to either move here or expand here that West Virginia can provide them with a drug-free workforce, we are missing the biggest piece of the puzzle. 

Serving as the Majority Whip, I’m proud of the agenda that our leadership team in the Senate has been able to deliver over the years, especially the tax cuts we’ve been able to get done.  We’ve cut your personal income taxes by over 20%, eliminated the property taxes we pay on our vehicles, and also eliminated the income tax paid on Social Security benefits and military retirements.  It’s your money, and more of it should stay where it belongs – with you.     

For me, however, the most important part of this job is taking care of my constituents.  When you call or email me, I respond.  I work very hard to be the senator you deserve and ensure that when you need help regarding an issue with the state, that I always do my best to help you get answers.