Election Day – May 14 is your opportunity to put your vote where your voice has been. Hometown News isn’t advocating for any candidate. What we are advocating for is for you to care enough about your future and your children and grandchildren to ensure the future is bright and secure. We also ask you to think about the veterans who went to war to protect those at home. Put yourself in the helpless position of the women who had no say about their future. They couldn’t get a credit card, own property or inherit property. They were at the mercy of the men who ran the country and their lives. And, don’t forget our black citizens who were beaten, jailed and gave their lives for a privilege we take for granted.

If you need assistance with knowing where to vote call the Election Office. If you need assistance getting to the polls, I offer my services (304-564-7154) to get you to the polls. Vote… if your future depends on it. It does