Crummit-Carter Alexis Anne Sean Carter to Traci Ann Crummit

James C. Curtician, Kirsten Curtician to Nathaniel Orr – $65,000.00

Edwards Brothers Properties to Jarid M. Day – $160,000.00

Daniel Muzzi, by sub trustee Pill & Pill, Lizzy Muzzi by trustee, Bank of America to Federal National Mortgage Association

WV State Auditor to Matthew Burdick, et ux

WV State Auditor to Barbara Davis et als

WV State Auditor to Delores Pietranton

WV State Auditor to Stacey Nicols

WV State Auditor to Justin Ryan Ash

WV State Auditor to Justin Ryan Ash

WV State Auditor to Chester Investments

WV State Auditor to Dolores Pietranton

WV State Auditor to Dolores Pietranton

WV State Auditor to Jacqueline Burns

WV State Auditor to Basil Reed ET UX

WV State Auditor to Howard Pugh

WV State Auditor to Hilltop Properties

WV State Auditor to Zachary Aaron Klink

WV State Auditor to Francis Majoris

WV State Auditor to George D. Poelcher

WV State Auditor to George Baltich et als Wayne Craig LC

WV State Auditor to Ronald Reed

WV State Auditor to Barbara J. Bryan Davis et als

WV State Auditor to Darcy Marie Iverson

WV State Auditor to Hilltop Properties of WV

WV State Auditor to Best Home Money

WV State Auditor to Claire E Wright

WV State Auditor to John D. Tibbs et ux

WV State Auditor to Lawrence Jones

Sandra Flowers to Robert S. Rosnick – $36,000.00

Tina Tompson to Maria Castiglione, Cristoforo Castiglione – $262,500.00

John Capraruolo to Nicholas Chaney – $66,500.00

Tony Smith, Stacy Smith to Ashley White – $135,500.00

John Thomas Cinicola, et als by WV State Auditor to Bobby Wooley – $4,000.00

Anastasia Gallias Monroe, Samuel Monroe, Michael Grossetti, Liberty Gallias Grosssetti to Meagan Lynn McKitrick – $152,000.00

Timothy Kryaninko to Michael Joyce, Jr., Elena Joyce – $210,000.00

Barbara Ann Gugliemo to John Moretti – $158,000.00

Roberta Rosnick, by atty in fact, Paula Erhard by atty in fact to Kurt Chartrand, Sandra Chartrand – $140,500.00

Timothy Martin by atty n fact, Joyce Martin by atty in fact to Erii J Hatter – $115,000.00

Estate of Jack Straight to Keith Straight, Tracie Straight – $65,714.30

Terry Markle by poa to Marianna Lighhiser, Elden Markle, Philip Markle

Weng Ching-KUI to Weng Hsiu-Lan – $120,000.00

Anthony J. Henderson to C. Williams Industries Ltd. – $36,000.00

Barkhurst Construction to James Tyrpin, Patricia Tyrpin

Barkhurst Construction to James Tyrpin, Patricia Tyrpin – $33,000.00

Jane Oliver to Debra Klein, Brian D. Jeanette, Gerald Jeannette

Bobby Logan to Cassidy Sloss – $14,443,50

Cortez Family Revocable Trust to Carol Scurti – $75,000.00

Clayton Campbell, Emily Campbell to Nelson Thornburg, Cheryl Thornburg – $25,000.00

Andrew Kerr to Amber Kirk – $1,500.00

Denise Kalisz to Erin Wells

Susan Hall to Jack Robinson, Haley Robinson

Rosemary Mackall to Cagney Allen Springer

Shawn Niven to City of Weirton

Daniel Ficca, Robin Ficca to Kaitlyn Boyd, Morgan Corso – $144,000.00

Necmetten Ergul by atty n fact, Cheryl Ergul by atty n fact to Natalia Turianyn – $33,000.00

Christopher Paknik to Cassandra Connely – $138,000.00

Cathy Kompardo to Bobbie Jo Kompardo

Arneault Family Living Trust to Thomas Grossi, Kacy Magnone – $35,000.00

Dante Jeter to James Wolfe, Jr. – $115,000.00

Ronald Galente to Pierce Reilly, Casey Reilly – $115,000.00

Janet Patricia Adamczyk to Patrick Real Estate – $13,000.00

Herman Burkett to Rylan Brown – $169,900.00

Eric Rhodes, Paula Harold to Bryar DeSanti, Leah DeSanti – $114,000.00

Jonthan Stroud, Richard Stroud, Christopher Stroud, Estate of Kim Stroud to Jugraj Singh – $96,000.00

Roberta Phillips to Christian Thaman – $125,000.00

Rebecca Hoder to Rebecca Hoder, Michael Hoder

Richard Salerno to Matthew Salerno, Erin Salerno – $200,000.00

Estate of Alphonse Margaret Ann Wargacki to Michael Valuska

Estate of John Michael Liberto Estate of Mary Ann Liberto to Eugene Gugliemo – $56,500.00

DiBacco Properties to Joseph Fuller, Ashley Fuller

Erika Cline by Seneca Trustees to Flagstar Bank – $104,187.00

Mary Lou Rossi Living Trust to Chad Simmons – $16,000.00

Pam Zagula to Luke Myers, Janna Myers – $30,000.00

John Yocina, Diana Yocina to Brian William Yocina

VSJAG to TOANHUONG – $50,000.00

Sher E. Punjab to Carl Ulich – $25,000.00

Eric Bailey to Thomas DeSantis, Donna DeSantis, Joseph DeSantis – $295,000.00

Ronald Beagle, Deborah Beagle to Matthew McCune, Mikayla McCune – $350,000.00

HLC Holdings to HLC Holdings

North American Manufacturing Co. to Newell Co.

Gary Barber, Kathy Barber to Tina Collins

Stephen Six, Amy Six to Derek Matthew Reynolds, Christine Vanessa Powell

Jim Lyons, JIMCO Plumbing to Kathy Cortez

Estate of Michael Zellar to Michael Couch – $142,000.00

Lisa McConnell, Kevin McConnell to Keith Flinn, Sharon Flinn – $88,000.00

Lewis Anile, Lori Anile, Diana Sikora Anile, Mark Sikora, Luanne Anile, Mark Colantonio to WV Dept of Transportation