AND THEN AGAIN…… Tamara Pettit

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…..Speaking of access, I’m convinced as mother we made our first mistake when we allowed the doctor to cut the umbilical cord.  It kept us connected to our kids. Along the way as the kids tested their wings, we had substitutes.  Growing up on Second Avenue in New Cumberland, my kids had street lights to bring them  home (when street lights come on come home) and check them for scratches or broken bones.

  ……Mealtime was another reason they return to the house because they got hungry with all that playing and bike riding and  all round kid stuff.    That worked until they found out  other Moms were better cooks and neighbors would feed them sometimes a lot better than Mom who claimed that she prayed to the ‘supper God” to come to her in the grocery aisle and tell her what to buy for supper and it wasn’t her fault this was what they got. Nope, all it took was showing up for their friend at supper time and those chubby cheeked, big-eyed kids go invited to eat. (If you at any time fed one or both of kids, let me thank you now.)

……A favorite TV program was a sure winner cause they raced home to catch Star Trek until they discovered neighbors had TV and were good company. Shannon found out years later that Addison was a frequent visitor to the Szymanki’s house next door when it was time for “Sponge Bob-Square Pants”. As the only boy among two sisters and two neighbor girls, he found his own special buddy. When it was time for the show, He would go next door;  sit himself down beside Mr. Szymanski on the couch; take the remote; and turn on Sponge Bob-Square Pants.   The two would  then enjoy TV together.

…..They say it takes a village to raise a child.  How fortunate were we all to have this village?

…..Immediate access through cell phones soon changed our expectations.  Instant news has brought us into the midst of tragedy.  There is no filter,  There is no space….no way not to think there for the Grace of God go I, or my kids.

…..And, so the cell phone has returned the umbilical cord to our generations.  Only now it runs both ways.  Shannon knows my schedule and freaks out if she can’t reach me.  Visions of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” dance through her head.

…..Conversely, I know her schedule and if I can’t reach her within a reasonable  time  given her schedule.   I too become an obsessive texter.

….But, I’m learning what generations before me knew.  You can’t protect your kids from the hurts that will come….whether it be scraped knee, broken heart or death of a loved one.      What you can do is give them all the love you can; send them out in the world and be there for them in either body or spirit.