“Always Look for the Helpers”

In one of my favorite quotes, the much-loved Mr. Rogers in attempting to explain disaster to his young friends said, “When something bad happens, always look for the helpers. There will always be helpers.” When a tornado struck the Glenn farm and the area surrounding it wreaking devastation beyond our wildest imagination, the entire county was in shock. Tornadoes aren’t supposed to happen here and in fact reports say this is the first in Hancock County.

But the shock had barely worn off when friends, neighbors and residents who hadn’t met the Glenns began to marshal forces to help. Fire Departments, social organizations to numerous to mention lest we leave one out, and individuals wanting to help turned out in force to do what needed to be done. Businesses donated food and supplies and the New Manchester Fire Department took on the responsibility for keeping the volunteers fed.

Our prayers to the families who were touched by the tornado and our thanks to the volunteers who rushed to their aid. It reinforces why our hometown is so special. Mr. Rogers needed only to look downriver to find the helpers.