Jonathan S. Reitter to Nancy Walp – $80,000.00

Ricky T. Smith, Pamela Dopp to B

Wrett Smith

Zachary Collins to Collins Industries

Lindsey Sue Ellen, Charles Luthe Stevens to Nicholas Brudowsky, Laura Brudowsky – $646,000.00

Cole Taylor Kidwell, Brittany Shaw Kidwell to M.J. Properties of Jefferson County – $12,000.00

Dorothy Ann Uker, Patricia Binkoski to Nicole Salerno – $25,000.00

Brian Hahn to Brian O Hahn, Jr, Elizabeth Hahn

WV Delinquent & Nonentered Lands by Auditor to Sunshine State Investment Group – $622.00

Thomas Prevost, Jr., Doreen Prevost to Thomas W Prevost, Jr., Heather Marie Prevost

West Virginia Delinquent & Non-entered Land to Brant Hunt

Leroy E. Stewart to Roger Givens, Jr., Tiffany Givens – $600.00

Thomas Stewart to Roger Givens, Jr. Tiffany Givens – $800.00

Janice Nagel to Janice Nagel, Paige Nagel

Drajulia Trust to Jeffrey Schroder – $209,000.00

Vincent DeCaria, Marsha DeCaria to Thomas Whitaker, Joanna Whitaker – $350,000.00

Mark Cain, Erika Cain to Anna Cain, Clifton Cain

Anna Cain, Clifton Cain to Mark Cain TOD

Jerry Jeter, Jr. to Omeka D. Petteway, Michael Shon Petteway

Marianna Sue Lighthouser to Eldon Markle, Phillip Markle

David Lamont Gilliam, Jr., Beverly Gilliam, Rue Arita Gilliam by atty n fact, Brett Gilliam, Craig Henry Jackson to Zachary Smith – $130,000.00

Anna Watson by her POA, James Horstman, POA, Cathy Horstman, Thomas Horstman to Michael P. Zias, Oliver Markell,A. – $120,000.00

Charles Whiteman, Carala Whiteman to Carala Whiteman

CABCB Living Trust to Chad Butler, Tiffany Butler

Estate of Shelby Graham to Trinity Housing Investments – $42,000.00

AB Property Management to Dario DelBianco, Suzanne DelBianco – $337,000.00

Hancock County Savings Bank to Jeffrey Jones, Kimberly Jones – $103,200.00

WV State Auditor to Gene Amos

WV State Auditor to Permon Anderson et ux

WV State Auditor to John Edward Kilmartin, et ux

WV State Auditor to James E. Youst et ux

WV State Auditor to GOF House

WV State Auditor to Elizabeth Stevens

WV State Auditor to Vince Dalesio and Brye Josef Turlow c/o

WV State Auditor to Mark Anthony Mantsch, Jr.

WV State Auditor to Richard Sharrow, et ux

WV State Auditor to Richard Sharrow et ux

WV State Auditor to Richard Sharrow et ux

Dalton Gage Vranesevich to Shyanne Dawn Springer

Robert Rateau, Margaret Rateau, Jon Rateau by poa, Janeen Welch by poa & ind., Renee Y Howard, Tomothy Howard to Jennifer Lee Stevens – $100,000.00

Mark Wargacki to Kuster Properties – $20,000.00

Sec. of Veterans Affairs to Matthew Duffield, Alexandrah Duffied – $115,000.00

Mark Wargacki to Kuster Properties -$40,000.00

Mark Wargacki to Kuster Properties – $7,250,000.00

Mary Lou Pepper to Joseph Edward Paris – $155,000.00

Mark Wargacki to Kuster Properties – $40,000.00

Joshua Ryan Patitz to Kuster Properties – $60,000.00

Joshua Patitz to Kuster Properties – $45,000.00

Jennifer Skinner to Rachael Marie Hill – $144,900.00

Sherry Peake to Jason Ballard – $64,000.00

Tri-County Mountaintop Enterprises to Hilltop Forever -$60,000.00

Jamie Cooke, Dean Greathouse, Penny Reed, Don Greathouse, Daniel King to Sherry Peake – $48,000.00

Michael Kopa to Michael Kopa, Michelle Kopa

Newell Lions Club to Vincent Brancadora, Julianne Brancadora – $5,000.00

Mark Six, Kelly Six to Ethan Andrew Six

Christopher Saggio to Marcy Olnhausen – $120,000.00

WV State Auditor to Bobby Wooley – $191.19

Paulette Letwen to Benjamin Bowers – $80,000.00

Greg Gialluco, Christine Gialluco to Nancy Gialluco

Douglas Boniti to Christopher Manteau, Christine Manteau – $125,000.00

Seneca Trustees, Inc,, Servis One Inc., BSI Financial Services DBA Batchelor Nichole by Trustee to Sec. of Veterans Affairs

Justin Adams, Natalie Adams to Erik Beatty, Stephanie Beatty – $239,000.00

Wayne Harda to Matthew Harda

Mary Ellen VanHorn to Edward Melmauer, Angele Melmauer – $110,000.00

Estate of Robert Sutton, Laura Long to Laura Long

Estate of Robert Sutton, Laura Long to Laura Long

Estate of Robert Sutton, Laura Long to Laura Long

Michael D. McAbee to George S. Moore – $10

Darcy Marie Wright to Douglas Dean Wright

Tessy Jo Crummitt to Scott Paris – $30,000.00

Patricia Hvizdak Irrevocable Trust to Mark Dziatkowica – $95,000.00

Rebecca Sue Perkins to Patrick Williams, Alyssa Williams – $20,000.00

Thomas C. Ogden, Anna M. Ogden to Osgood Training – $90,000.00

Jack Nguyen to Toannnnhuong -$185,000.00

Estate of Sam Love, Jr., Estate of Steven Matthew Love to Wendy Lee Richmond

Robert Falk, Elizabeth Falk to Adam Falk

Ricky Thomas, Matthew Nardone, TNT Management to Alfred Elliott – $92,500.00

Mary Jane LeMasters to Sharon Matics, Cathy Dziaktowicz – $14,325.00

Mark John Szydlowski to Carla Moore – $56,712.00

Juliana Marie Riley to Donna Snider – $85,000.00

Christy Ballato to Gregory Alan Ballato

William Culley to Riverview Property Investments – $45,000.00

Joseph Strapazzon to Adam Strapazzon tod

Nicolas Madias, Dorothea Fails to Markos Madias, Grace Madias

Thomas E. Beaumont to Markricostas Properties – $50,000.00

Richard Barnhart, Jr., Susan Maslowski to Jasen Havens, Joy Havens – $126,000.00

Brent Hayes, Kathryn Hayes to Jilliam Mercedes Minger, J Lee Myers – $149,900.00

Terrence Saunders to Francisco, Reyna , Shelba Brown – $28,000.00

John R. McNicol, Jr., Wendy McNicol to Kenneth Jackson – $159,900.00

Cooper Bryndley to Geraldine Gibbs -$65,500.00

Jordan Benjamin, Maranda Jordan to Michelle Rozich, Jordan Rozich – $197,500.00

Ronald Klingler, Adriana Klingler to Justin Adams, Natalie Ann Adams – $150,000.00

Mark Fuller to Amy Fuller

Mark Fuller to Amy Fuller

Mark Fuller to Amy Fuller

881 Ross Rd, to David Artman, Heathr Artman – $75,500.00

Commercial Transport Services to Hilltop Forever

$882 Ross Rd. to Tijuana Racing – $750,000.00

Bethany Merrell by poa to Kenneth Hoering, Cherie Hoering – $125,000.00