Though Simmer is in full swing, the Hancock County Board of Education is taking action to best prepare for the 24/25 school year.  Personnel changes were made at Monday’s Board of Education meeting with positions abolished and positions consolidated.

Chris Enochs, assistant principal at  Oak Glen Middle, was transferred to Director of Secondary, Adult & Career Education at JDRIV Career Center.

The position of Special Education teacher at JDRIV was abolished while a new position of Coordinator of Vocational Services/ Special Education/Special Educational Teacher was created.

In other personnel issues, the Board:

**Accepted resignations from Jamie Fair, grade 1, Weirton Elementary; Keenan Seditz, countywide substitute; and Cynthia Nelson, Oak Glen High teacher;

**Assigned Brooke Provenzano as 4th grade teacher, Allison Elementary; Teresa Bendel,  4th grade teacher, Weirton Elementary;  Ashley Hissam, Multi-Categorica/Autism, New Manchester Elementary; Kolby Mitchell, general sciences teacher, Weir High;

**Transferred  certified employees Kaitlyn Crow from multi-categorical, Weir Middle to Multi-Subjects, Grade 6, Weir Middle; Gavin Shaffer from countywide substitute teacher to band director, Weir High;  Tyler Warrick from PE Teacher, Weir Middle to PE teacher, Weir High; Mikaela Lenhart fom substitute, county wide to Multi-Cateorical, Autism, Weirton Elementary:

**Approved as substitutes were Donna Ferguson and John Leary;

**Coaching assignments approved for Oak Glen High School were:  Assistant Football – Chance Rowland;  Boys Track: Head – Josh Weltner; Assistants – Travis Simpson, Rance Everly,                                   Richard Everly; Girls’ Track: Head – Ashley Tharp, Assistants – Erin Malcomb, Steve McConnachie;  Baseball;  – Head – Eric Hayden, Assistant – Robert Bozek, Trey Smith, Mark McHaffie, Mark Shento Girl’s Softball – Head- Sherrie Garner; assistants, Matthew Murray, Sara Wright, Rhonda Stipec.

Coaching Assignments approved for Oak Glen Middle include Wrestling – unpaid volunteer-

Coaching assignments approved for Weir High include.

 Reese Wils; Boys Basketball – unpaid volunteer – Ron Smith; Boys’ Track – Head – Tom Taylor, Assistants Sarah-Marie Young and Shawn Young; Girls’ Track – Head – Jeffrey Lewis, assistants – Liana Glenn, Dan Mastrantoni, Daniel Spickard;   Baseball Head – David Cowden – assistants Rodney Rosnick and Perry Miotlowski; Girls Softball  Head John Leary; Assistants – Marissa Galiano,  Jenna Wilson, Joseph Aperfine; Boys’ Tennis Head Francesca Capaldi, Assistant – Aaron Velegol; Girls’ Tennis Head Steven Kettler and assistant unpaid/volunteer Jonathan Velegol

 Coaching assignments approved for Weir Middle include Boys Track assistants George Martich and Dan Mastrantoni; Girls’ Track assistants Anna Grimm and Megan Ost and Girls Basketball – assistant Ashley Bell.

One-time pay raises have been approved and are as follows: $800 for certified personnel; $100 for school service personnel.  A 20% raise was given to coaching and those teachers serving in extra-curricular positions.

Enich said he had proposed moving the Board meetings to Tuesdays, but was rescinding the suggestions due to conflicts with sporting events.  The Board will continue to meeting on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.

Tribute was paid to retiring Board member and former wrestling coach Larry Shaw who is leaving the Board and Oak Glen teacher Cindy Nelson who is retiring.   A formal recognition of the two and their impact on the Hancock County Schools will be held August 21.