Return to Five Day Schedule a Possibility

Students in Hancock County may soon return to school for in-person instruction on a five-day-a-week schedule.
The Hancock County Board of Education voted unanimously  to authorize Superintendent Dawn Petrovich to change the method of instruction as soon as is legal after meeting with the Hancock County Health Department.  Petrovich noted that Board meetings are spaced two sometimes three weeks’ apart and the authorization makes it possible for her to take action as soon as feasible.
Hancock County is now rated green for COVID.    Petrovich said notice will be given to allow staff and students time to prepare  and she would anticipate moving to a new instructional model on a Monday.
In person instruction would  return to four- or five- days- a- week with all students attending.  Petrovich said buses may need to recalibrate bus runs in the event students exceeed the maximum of two students per seat.  

Re-evaluating the instruction model may also mean revisiting the square footage requirements for those attending sporting events.
Petrovich stressed all necessary precautions will continue to be taken to prevent COVID spread including use of masks, washing hands and sanitization of all equipment, buses, etc.
In other business, the Board
**Approved the assignment of LaDonna Smith as an athletic trainer to fill a vacancy created by a leave of absence;
**Assigned Stephanie Pennacchio, Melissa Reed and LukeTacosik as countywide substitute teachers;
**Approved Jocelyn Nolder as Head Cheerleading Coach and Stacey Swartzmiller at Assistant Cheereading Coach at Oak Glen Middle;
**Approved Jordan Allen as Assistant Football Coach at Weir High;
**Accepted the resignations of Raynsha Saunders and Ali Holmquist as countwwide substitutes;
**Accepted the resignation of Tanner Workmann as Head Swimming and Assistant Baseball coach at Weir High;
**Approved for teaching in lieu of planning period at Weir High were Jason Angle, chorus; Emily Hores, band; Dave Thompson, food prep; Carrie Gillette, Life; and Jason Bennett, Life;
**Transferred Beth Sabbato from supervisory aide II/AM Weir High to supervisory aide II-ECCAT/AM Pre-K, Weirton Elementary and Shannon Logston from supervisory aide II/AM, Allison Elementary to supervisory aide II-IV/ECCAT/AM pre-K, Allison Elementary;
**Transferred William Niesslein from substitute bus operator, countywide, to bus operator #182;
**Assigned Bill Wiseman as bus operator- COVID cleaner, two hours as needed