Hancock County Prosecuting Attorney Race

Term – Four year Salary – $103,000.00 per annum Position Requirements – J.D. degree. Questions posed are 1)Why do you want this job and what qualifications do you you bring to this position? 2)What programs and policies would you implement as Prosecuting Attorney to reduce crime and increase public safety in the County? 3)If elected, what steps will you take to increase County departments’ reliance on your office and reduce the hiring of expensive outside legal counsel by those Departments and the Board of Education? 4)In the event that it should happen, how would you address a killing of an unarmed civilian by a law enforcement officer or any other death of a prisoner while in custody? 5)Many places in America feel that the system of law enforcement is broken. Is that a problem in Hancock County? Tell us why or why not?

Steven Dragisich
1)I was born and raised in Hancock County, and I share common values with families that live here. In these turbulent and uncertain times, I decided to pursue the office of Prosecuting Attorney to use my knowledge of the law and my legal experience to protect the safety and well-being of our families. I pledge to uphold the rule of law while providing equal justice for all. I have been an attorney for 19 years. I have also spent most of my adult life involved in public service, both within the community and within the legal profession. For over 12 years, I have been serving as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of West Virginia, which includes experience in prosecuting administrative cases, involving both criminal and civil law, and in representing the State of West Virginia in criminal appeals before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. For five years, I served as the Municipal Judge for the City of Weirton, where I presided over numerous criminal proceedings and trials. I now look forward to serving the people of Hancock County.
2)First, I will develop strong, cooperative working relationships with all government agencies, including local law enforcement, social services, and all elected officials. It is essential that we share relevant information with each other. Second, I will initiate community relations programs to build trust and improve communication between our office and the people we serve. Third, I will prosecute violent criminals and drug dealers to the fullest extent of the law, while supporting expansion of treatment and rehabilitation programs for the victims of drug abuse. Finally, I will partner with local law enforcement agencies, educators, and parents to provide early drug education programs for our children.
3)In order to reduce the costs of outside legal representation, I will assign assistant prosecutors to specific county departments and/or agencies to assist in their legal needs. If necessary, I will personally assist in this legal representation.
4)I will conduct a thorough internal investigation and, if necessary, seek assistance from state and federal agencies. Following this investigation, I will determine whether criminal prosecution is warranted. I can assure the citizens of our county that equal justice for all will be the mainstay of our office.
5)No, I do not believe so. In my prior position as a Municipal Judge, and in my current position as an Assistant Attorney General, I have worked closely with most law enforcement officers in our county. These officers have acted only in a professional and dedicated manner. I fully respect not only what they do, but also the enormous sacrifices they make on a daily basis to keep our communities safe.